9 lives

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when she was born she was born dead mama was trying to save her so I intercepted and assisted in bring her back I rubbed her tummy like I seen in movies and to my surprise she started to meow real low I was so happy then about a few weeks later my dog got a hold of her and started to shake her about like a rag doll with her head in her mouth this time my brother breathed life back into her although she was bleeding from the mouth and nose and having a very difficult time breathing she lived the 3rd time she does was when I was making my bed I didn't realize that she was on top and covered completely with my quilt when I shook my blanket out and I heard a thump I thought it was my lighter at first then when I went to the other side to tuck in my sheets I realized that my kitten was laying there motionless wondered how long shed been like that and started to cry and panic I heals her and cried for about 2 or 3 min my husband came in and took her from me and asked my brother if he could do something my brother took her and about 10 minutes later brought her back to me and said that she was only knocked out I was happy so happy that I started to cry happy tears. since that day my kitten now 5 months old never leaves my side weather I'm in bed the kitchen sitting on my porch or taking a bath she's always there. they say cats have 9 lives I believe it.