A broken heart mended

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Natchitoches Hope For Paws
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This is my new baby scout I adopted him from petsmart in silver spring md he been the greatest part of me these last few month! I went into a very deep depression when my dog of five years had to go to a new family because he became aggressive to everyone around me but he got to go to a very great family but I was left lonely and lost now my beat friend was gone I walked into the car adoptsion area which I personally go and see how there doing just for fun everyday or other day and I saw this baby boy just resting his head like a human looking at me he seemed not interested in me a first but I went back to him told him to come here and he walk right over to me and starting purring up a storm I just couldn’t leave his side so I rushed home got the money came back 3 min later and walked out with my baby boy he been amazing and shown me that it was just another chance for me to love another fur baby and give it all the love he deserves so I want thank petsmart for everything