A "Tiger" Becomes Our Cali

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New York
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As I approached her cage, this pretty little calico rubbed all over the window. I had to meet her, she'd chosen me. She was 7 yrs old, an older kitty, exactly who I was looking for.
We filled out paper work and it was time to take her home. She panicked and eventually I got her down off the top of the cabinets and into the carrier..
We took her home and released her. She vanished.
Reading her paperwork, we discovered 6 months of her history was missing. Her pet-daddy had died and apparently she'd been left alone somewhere.
We purchased a have-a-heart trap and found her happy in the trap the next morning. She was fine as long as she was in a cage.
I prepared a room for her, we'd also adopted 2 male kittens from a shelter in Glens Falls, and let her go in her room.
Well, after 3 frustrating months she began to sit on the chair arm while my husband read. She loved swatting at a ribbon, but was still very unapproachable. After 6 months, we began introducing her to our crazy boys.
It was tough for the first 4-5 months, we had guessed others had taken her back to the shelter, but I had promised the lady at Pet-smart that I would try for as long as it took and I did not want to give up on her. And Now we have a loving, sweet, (still hissy to the boys) 11 year old and we can't think of life without her.