A wonderful addition to our family

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Our Cocker Spaniel, Jesse, suddenly and unexpectedly died of a heart attack in early September of 2018 while I was walking him on a Sunday morning. His passing left quite a void. I began to search informally for other dogs shortly after his death, but we did not plan to get another dog for a while. However, I came across Lady, another Cocker, who was located about two hours from our home at Pet Central Helps, a rescue in Bloomington, IL.. I spoke with a volunteer from Pet Central Helps and from her description it sounded like Lady might be a good fit for our home. Lady had been a breeder for the first four years of her life and had been adopted in early 2018. Unfortunately, her new owner had become ill and had to give her up in September. We met Lady In October and immediately fell in love with her and adopted her. She made the two-hour drive home with us with no problems and, over the past two months, has been settling in with our family and learning a new routine (as well as teaching us a new one). Everyone who has met her has commented on what a sweet girl she is. She is very gentle and affectionate and has proven to be a wonderful addition to our family. Thanks to Pet Central Helps, we have a fairly complete medical history for her, something that was appreciated both by us and our veterinarian.