Dodge, Our 5-Millionth Pet Adopted

Owner hugging husky dogOn June 2, 2012, PetSmart Charities® celebrated an amazing milestone. A 5-year-old rescued Siberian husky named Dodge found his forever home — and was the 5-millionth pet adopted from a PetSmart Charities adoption center.

A Florida Husky’s journey

Dodge’s former family had a young child with medical issues. Caring for both the child and Dodge became too much for the family, so they took him to Save-a-Dog, Save-a-Cat Animal Rescue in Lake Worth, Florida.

A Siberian husky in Florida requires special care. So, Dodge was taken to an adoption event at PetSmart® store #336 in Boynton Beach, FL, with the hopes of finding him a perfect match.

High-five! Dodge meets his match

George Little, a retired U.S. Marine and “husky aficionado,” saw Dodge and immediately fell in love. George, his fiancée, Tracy, and their children, Gregory and Kennedy, welcomed Dodge to their family with open arms — even preparing a “Husky Man Cave” for the guys to watch the big game together!

Dog on leash in yardThe eyes have it

“Since childhood, I’ve always loved this breed,” George said. “It was something about their color and eyes that just got me. I am so excited to have Dodge as the newest member of our family. Today is a great day for my family, Dodge and me. I’m so happy!”

Today, Dodge is celebrating every minute in his lifelong, loving home. He’s a great family dog who loves to run and play with the Little’s nieces and nephews who live across the street. Learn more about the Little family and Dodge in their video.

Millions more need your help

Dodge is one lucky pet, but for many, the journey isn’t over yet. Millions more pets still need our help. There are many ways you can help PetSmart Charities save more homeless pets while celebrating our 5-millionth adoption:

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Celebrate5 million pets saved, high-five!





PetSmart Charities' 5-millionth adopted pet, Dodge, helped his new family celebrate Independence Day in July 2012. It was an important, yet difficult, holiday for George Little, an Iraq war veteran.

"This holiday is difficult for me for many reasons, and having Dodge next to me, made my night considerably better," said George. George and Dodge celebrated at home.

Dodge stuck by George's side the whole night, but didn't flinch once as neighbors celebrated Independence Day with fireworks. George even caught Dodge looking up into the sky to catch a glimpse of the fireworks.


I got together with George and Dodge on their 6-month anniversary together, which they celebrated by paying a special visit to Santa.

George and Dodge are spending their first Christmas together with a low-key celebration at home in Boynton Beach, since George is currently working on his degree in criminal justice. George told me that his favorite subject in writing class was Dodge (of course!). He confessed that his stories made his teacher a little weepy.

The pair truly only have eyes for each other. It was a pleasure hanging with the 2 of them and observing how much their bond has deepened in only 6 months.

Take a look at some of the fun we had getting Dodge ready for the holidays. Can’t get enough of Dodge? Follow him & George on Instagram.


Recently, George Little celebrated his first anniversary with his adopted Siberian husky, Dodge. Dodge happens to be a bit of a celebrity — he was PetSmart Charities’ 5-millionth adopted pet.

But like any new family, George and Dodge learned a lot about each other in their first year together. I sat down with George last week and he shared some of their lessons.

Read their full update on our blog.


George and Dodge have a lot to celebrate in 2014. They recently marked their 2-year anniversary together, and soon will celebrate Dodge's 7th birthday. There's even more to come for this adorable duo later this year. Dodge is taking his service dog test at the end of the summer, but he's not the only one with the brains in this operation — George is on track to complete his associate's degree in criminal justice later this year. 

Their accomplishments are certainly keeping them busy, but George and Dodge still make time for training and fun. They frequently visit the local PetSmart store where they first met. Dodge has even learned how to politely open and close the door to the training classroom! He also takes the initiative to keep the Little household on a regular schedule. When bedtime rolls around, he nudges George to let him know its time to get some shut-eye.

All in all, this pair has been on one amazing journey. We can't wait to see what they're up to next.


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