“Feisty” Kitten Restores Peace in Albuquerque Home

Younger playmate takes pressure off family’s older cats

Loki plays in a boxThis story is written by PetSmart Charities Roving Reporter Bart Butler.

See a photo of Loki, a kitten who loves his small stuffed snake (photo at right), and your first thought is “adorable!”

But his new adoptive parents, Forrest and Jennifer Moore of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, say, “He’s a terror!”

And that’s exactly what they were looking for at a recent PetSmart Charities® National Adoption Weekend event in Albuquerque.

Why they needed a rugged new kitten

It all started 6 months earlier, when they adopted another kitten, Toulouse. That energetic feline wanted to play with the Moores’ 3 older, more sedentary cats, ranging in age from 9 to 13 years old.

“He wanted to play with them,” said Jennifer. “But they didn’t want to play with him.

“It got to the point where some of our older cats wouldn’t come out from under the bed,” Forrest added. “They were hiding all the time.”

“We wanted to get Toulouse a friend to play with,” Jennifer said. “So we went in and requested a feisty, playful kitten. And that’s what they gave us with Loki.”

The Moores thought a new kitten would be a good companion for Toulouse, and take some pressure off the older cats.

Kittens a good match

“The older cats aren’t too impressed with either of them,” said Jennifer. “But the 2 younger cats get along great.”

“They have a lot of fun,” she added. “They tear through the house together.”

Although Toulouse is much bigger, Loki is not afraid of him. “Loki will attack him,” said Forrest. “He’ll pounce on him while he’s asleep.

“They wrestle a lot,” he said. But Loki’s smart enough to move away when the wrestling gets too rough. “They’re super-entertaining,” said Forrest.

The best news: Loki helps drain Toulouse’s energy, and keeps him occupied. So, the older cats have now come out from under the bed and rejoined the family.

A pet kitten with his own pet snake

Loki is attached to his stuffed snake — a toy found years ago by one of the Moores’ teenage sons. The kitten constantly carries it around in his mouth, even putting it in the food bowl when he’s eating, as if he’s feeding it. 

“He loves that snake,” said Jennifer. “If he loses it, he’ll actually go through the house looking for it, and crying to us.”

“I just think he’s so cute walking around the house with it,” said Jennifer.

“He’ll bring it to us so we’ll throw it for him to run and chase,” added Forrest.

“Yeah, he loves to play fetch,” said Jennifer. “Like a dog.”

New kitten is a plus for the home

The couple said Loki has been a positive addition in many ways.

“He likes people,” said Jennifer. “He follows us around most of the day. When he’s taking a nap, he’ll usually find some place near a person. In fact, if you get up in the middle of his nap and he notices you’re gone, he’ll come find you,” she laughs.

“He loves everybody in the house,” said Forrest.

“When I come home, and I’m checking things on my computer,” Forrest said, “he’ll lie down between my computer and my mouse, wanting to be petted.”

“He always sleeps and cuddles with us at night,” Forrest added. “And he has the loudest purr.”

“He purrs really, really loud for such a tiny kitten,” added Jennifer. “And it takes next to nothing to get him purring.”

Sounds like a kitten who’s happy in his new, forever home.


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