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Hyde’s Miraculous 9th-Inning Adoption

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A walk-off home run is one of the most miraculous moments in sports. It happens when the batter hits a home run in the bottom of the ninth inning to win the game. There’s no buzzer, no countdown, no clock to beat—just one swing, a roaring of the home crowd and victory. After more than 200 days with the Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL), Hyde hit his own walk-off home run at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona and won the heart of his new family.

“Oh, Mr. Hyde,” laughs Whitney Steele as she reminisces on Hyde’s squirrelly and amiable personality. She is the Director of Volunteers and Special Events for Arizona Animal Welfare (AAWL) and a champion in Hyde’s adoption. Whitney is no stranger to outside-the-box thinking in the pursuit of finding homes for pets. She was recently featured on Good Morning America for a “sit-in” with a young pup for which Whitney was trying to find a forever home.


“Hyde had that look of mischief on his face and so much energy that just couldn’t be contained in this little body,” says Whitney.

Hyde stole the hearts of everyone at AAWL when he arrived almost one year ago. The team did everything they could to put Hyde on the forefront, both on social media and at adoption events, but for the 200+ days Hyde spent at the shelter he just wasn’t able to capture interest from potential adopters.

That would all change with a trip to see America’s pastime.

PetSmart Charities dog days of summer dog adoptions hydeDog Days of Summer

The Arizona Diamondbacks host Dog Days of Summer throughout the season on the PetSmart Patio at Chase Field, where fans bring their pups to a game and enjoy some baseball with good food and unlimited treats for their pets. It’s also a place where organizations like AAWL can bring dogs in need of a forever family.

“Hyde was with us for so long that we always expected to see him come back after each event,” says Whitney.

Superman to the Rescue

As the innings passed by, it was an usual night for Hyde—lots of smiles and pats on the head but no one to finally take Hyde to his new home, that is until Brian Newell walked up in the ninth inning. He knew about Hyde from AAWL’s posts on social media, but it wasn’t until they met in person that Brian knew there was no better place for Hyde than in his own home.

Hyde’s mischievous personality and lovable, forgivable face was just waiting all 200+ days for a parent like Brian, who loves the outdoors and being active just as much as Hyde. Because of his love for Superman, Brian renamed Hyde “Krypto” and the two have been adventure partners ever since.


PetSmart Charities dog days of summer dog adoptions Hyde_B.“The tears were flowing,” says Whitney. “If Hyde was the only dog adopted that night, the event still would have been a total success. There wasn’t one person who didn’t look at him and smile.”


Learn more about adoptions at the Arizona Animal Welfare League and Dog Days of Summer at Chase Field.


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