Kino the Cat Completes a Portland Family

Kitten makes a perfect family addition

Brett Eichenberger happened upon Kino the cat while filming a PetSmart Charities video at the Cat Adoption Team facility in Portland, Ore. After only a few texts, Brett's wife Jill Remensnyder knew she had to come check Kino out herself.

Watch how Brett and Jill made Kino part of their family.



It’s been one year since Jill and Brett welcomed Kino into their home in Portland, Oregon. Her personality has blossomed in that time.

“She’s the chattiest, most curious cat we’ve ever met,” Jill said. Kino has become the official “welcoming committee” at their house, and usually greets guests right away by dropping a toy at their feet as an invitation to play.

Kino has taken over Jill’s and Brett’s hearts, and is fitting in well with their 3-year-old cat, Cosmo. When Jill and Brett welcomed Kino into their home, they had recently lost their pet rabbit, Oliver. Without his friend, Cosmo had become lethargic and lost interest in eating and playing. Since they adopted Kino, Cosmo has dramatically improved, too. “They’re inseparable,” Jill said. “We often find them curled up together on the couch or sitting at the window, watching birds together.”

Jill and Brett both continue to be passionate advocates for pet adoption. “I believe there’s a Kino out there for everyone, just waiting to be adopted,” Jill said. “Both of our cats have been blessings and we’re grateful to have them in our lives.”


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