Pets Saving People: Tobi Joins the Family

Petsmart Charities Pets Saving People rabbit adoption TobiThe old saying is that rabbits know how to multiply—but in the rescue world, it's a matter of addition.  Mis Kyrene, a longtime bunny lover, had adopted a girl rabbit named Floor about two years ago through East Bay Rabbit Rescue, PetSmart Charities® adoption partner at the PetSmart® store in Dublin, California. Earlier this year, she decided Floor needed a playmate. After seeing Tobi’s pictures on the rescue website, Mis went to meet him during a PetSmart adoption event on March 12, and the match was made.


"Floor is white, with a bit of a lion-head mane," Mis says. "The wild tuft of fur between her eyes endeared me to her immediately when I first saw her picture and although she's since outgrown it, I still think she's stunning. And Tobi is a mini-lop rabbit, with the ears that hang down and become propellers when he is bouncing around. When I got him he looked like he had a skull print on his head, due to his beautiful black and white markings.   That appealed to me, because I'm into symphonic metal music. It's like he was meant to be mine."  


Whereas Floor has a more reserved personality and took a while to get used to her new surroundings when she was adopted, Tobi acted like an excited little boy the moment he arrived home. "He was just happy about everything, like it was the best thing ever," Mis says. "'Oh, my gosh, this is my home! I love it here!'"


Tobi was also greeted by Griffin the Jack Russell mix (who was originally adopted by Mis's brother) and Timo, an aquatic turtle Mis rescued from one of the centers in the school system where she works as a K-5 afterschool teacher.


Petsmart Charities Pets Saving People rabbit adoption Tobi 2She cleaned Timo's tank, talked with him, fed him the right foods, and developed a strong bond. "He'd hold my hand in a way that only turtles can, and I knew that I'd made a new little friend—so when they told me they were going to send him to a rescue, I couldn't let him go to an uncertain future," she says. "He knows my room inside and out, and he likes to do circles around me. We'll sit with the bunnies, and Griffin loves following him around everywhere."


Combined, the four make for an active family household. Although none of them are trained therapy animals, they provide plenty of emotional comfort to Mis. "If I'm having a great day, they make it better," Mis says. "If I've had a rougher day, they collectively join forces and insert themselves wherever I am. Somehow, they know my mood and are really good at knowing what to do to make me laugh."


Tobi, in particular, knows just what to do when Mis needs emotional support. He has a care-giving and fun personality and knows when Mis’ anxiety is rising. Tobi’s antics – like leaping onto the or under the bed – make her laugh, shifting her mood.


Every day, Mis makes sure to include "rug time," getting down on the floor in the way bunnies prefer and letting them climb and jump on her, or just run around in circles at top speed. In addition to their kisses, she particularly enjoys when Tobi and Floor do a “binky”—a rabbit's happy dance, twisting and contorting their bodies while jumping in the air. "They really look forward to it, since I'm gone all day long," she says. "I look forward to it, and the kids at school always love hearing the stories about my pets."



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