PetSmart Charities Dog Adoption Stories: Spot

Joy Esch and her husband Charles had been searching for a new dog, a Jack Russel Terrier for two years.That's when they came across the white tents at PetSmart Charities®  February 2016, National Adoption Weekend. Held quarterly at PetSmart stores® , the event brings people and pets together to save homeless pets. To-date, PetSmart Charities has saved the lives of nearly 7 million pets through this program.
Joy's husband had taken a trip to the grocery store on that day, saw the tents, wandered over, and there he found his dream dog Spot. It was love at first site and the two have become bonded best friends ever since. Spot helps Charles, who has difficulty speaking due to cancer surgery on his jaw. The couple are really proud of being able to give a homeless pet a home. In the end, the breed didn't matter, Spot the dog is what matter most to Joy and Charles.
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