PetSmart Charities® Dog Adoption Story: Zeke and Kosar

Monica Allread and her husband Jason were driving by our North Phoenix, AZ PetSmart® store and saw PetSmart Charities® big white tents in the parking lot. Set-up for National Adoption Weekend. little did the Allread's know that their future family pets were anxiously waiting for them there. The two dogs, Zeke and Kosar had been found living with a group of dogs in a scrapyard and saved by a local shelter. 
For the Allreads, it was love at first site and within 24 hours of adopting them at PetSmart®, the Adopt Spot, the dogs were flourishing. Watch their story and get inspired to adopt a homeless pet of your own.
Join PetSmart Charities May 13-15, 2016 for our next National Adoption Weekend and find your new forever friend. #adoptlove.
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