PetSmart Charities® Presents City of Fort Worth Animal Shelter

At PetSmart Charities, we recently celebrated our 7 millionth pet adoption! We couldn’t have reached this milestone without the help of over 3,000 animal welfare partners across North America. 
"We're talking about 1,500+ (PetSmart) stores, we're talking about thousands of animal welfare organizations. We couldn't do it without 100 percent teamwork," says Madison Morgan, Sr. Marketing Specialist at PetSmart Charities. 
Fort Worth Animal Care and Control is one of our key partner organizations. They work tirelessly to save the lives of hundreds of homeless pets each week as they take in more than 100 cats and dogs a day. Working as a unified team, staff, veterinarians, volunteers and associates all play a part in ensuring homeless pets get the second chance they deserve. Fort Worth Animal Care and Control provides housing, food, microchip, veterinary care and spay/neuter surgery to ensure the pets are well taken care of until each pet is placed into a loving home. 
At PetSmart Charities, we understand the power of the human-animal bond. That’s why we’re proud to announce our expanded mission which includes supporting pets and the people who love them. Through four new Pillars of Support, we’re committed to finding lifelong loving homes for all pets by supporting programs that bring people and pets together. 
Learn more about how we can help your organization make a difference in your local community: 
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