PetSmart Charities Presents Mike and Simon

A resident of Fort Worth, TX called the Chuck Silcox Animal Care and Control Center to report that an abandoned puppy had been hiding under a vehicle in her driveway for a few days. When the rescue team arrived, they found an emaciated puppy that had been roaming the streets for some time. 
The dog was brought to the Fort Worth City Shelter where he was checked for a microchip and given 72 hours to be claimed by his owners. At that point, the newly named Simon was dewormed, vaccinated and neutered in preparation for adoption.
Within hours of being placed in a PetSmart Charities adoption center, Mike Sirois walked in and fell in love with Simon’s sweet demeanor. Teary-eyed by the prospect of saving the little pup’s life, Mike adopted Simon on the spot and took him to his new forever home. Now, Simon will never roam the streets alone again. 
You can help save a dog like Simon at PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend. Held quarterly at PetSmart® stores, our National Adoption Weekend events bring people and pets together to save homeless pets. To-date, PetSmart Charities has saved the lives of over 7 million pets through adoption.
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