Picking Daisy: PetSmart’s 7 Millionth Pet Adoption

PetSmart Charities 7 millionth adopted dog DaisyAngela and Brad McKenzie had been talking for a while about getting a friend for Sabrina, a seven-year-old, 85-pound Great Dane mix they’d adopted four years earlier and another playmate for their two young boys under five years of age. “I’d always owned multiple dogs, and I just had that bug in my head,” Angela says. “When Brad said we could start looking in a couple of months, well, that’s all I needed for a green light.”


That week, Angela spotted Daisy on the website for Louie's Legacy, PetSmart’s adoption partner in Staten Island, New York, where she and her husband both serve in the US Coast Guard. (She’s a medical clinic supervisor in USCG Sector New York, while he is a mechanic at USCG Station New York.) Not much was known about her background, other than the fact she was rescued from a high-risk shelter in the South, but Daisy was exactly what the family was looking for: a year-and-a-half-old fox terrier-fox hound mix, best suited to a house with other dogs and children, and crate- and house-trained.


“We’ve always chosen older dogs, because so many people ignore them and only want a brand-new puppy,” Angela said.


After the couple’s application to Louie’s Legacy was accepted, Daisy’s foster parent drove down with her from Connecticut on Saturday, August 13, to the PetSmart store to see if they had a match.


PetSmart Charities 7 millionth dog adoption Daisy 2“It was the hottest day of the year, with a heat index around 110,” Angela says. “We packed up our kids, Henry and Jack, and Sabrina, and headed over to the PetSmart. Daisy and Sabrina immediately took to each other, and the kids were super excited because they love animals. Immediately, we knew we wanted her.”


With the papers signed, the family—now one dog larger, plus a couple of fish for their family tank for good measure—piled back into the truck and headed home.






PetSmart Charities 7 millionth dog adoption Daisy 3At first sight, the McKenzies knew Daisy was a special dog. Then just a few days later, discovering that she was PetSmart’s seven millionth adopted pet added to the thrill. “She’s a wonderful dog, and I think rescue dogs are the best—they’re so sweet and grateful to get a home,” Angela says.


“So, to find out that she was the seven millionth and we were able to save her, and she’s now this poster child for pet adoption—it’s amazing. She just happened to be that one lucky dog, in both respects.”


Daisy fits right in to her new family, bringing out Sabrina’s inner puppy, playing fetch with the kids, and becoming Angela’s daily running partner. One early lesson was that 45-pound Daisy is a bit more agile than the larger dogs they’ve owned. In the first few days, she managed to scale a 6½-foot privacy fence and make an impromptu visit to the neighbor’s house.


“She’s got skills!” Angela says. “We’ve modified the fence so she can’t get out again.”


PetSmart Charities 7 millionth dog adoption Daisy 4Just a few days into her new life, it seemed like Daisy had been part of the McKenzie family forever. “Our household is a bit of a zoo,” Angela says with a laugh. “She didn’t have any problems adjusting to our house, and obviously we haven’t had any problems adjusting to her.”


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