She’s My Brown-Eyed Girl

Pet parent felt an instant connection

Submitted by Lisa S., San Jose, Calif.

Photo of Reba the dog with her new mom Two years ago my Australian Shepherd lost her battle with Cushing's disease and a tumor on her spleen. I searched high and low for another dog online. I even went to meet a few dogs at a rescue center. But none of them felt right to adopt, mostly because of their size.

I was scheduled to meet a border collie-mix at the PetSmart® in Dublin, Calif. When I got there I met the dog, but unfortunately she would not fit in my apartment. I looked at a few other dogs but nothing clicked.

Then I saw a smaller dog asleep in a playpen with other dogs barking around it. I asked to meet the sleeping dog. When they leaned down to pick her up, her sleepy eyes opened, and she just looked at me.

Her brown eyes were the same color as every one of my family members’ eyes — we've always had a thing about brown-eyed dogs. Once she woke up a bit, she came over and sat in my lap. She started giving me lots of kisses and then was following me when I went to talk to the rescue owners. I just felt this instant connection.

I learned she had a sister that was adopted about 7 months earlier, and I knew the reason she wasn't adopted sooner was because she was waiting for me to come along and save her life.

Reba is one of the sweetest dogs I had ever met. After a half hour of spending time with her I couldn't go home without her. Unconditional love is nearly impossible to find. There is a reason that dogs and loyalty go hand-in-hand. Reba gives me the inspiration and motivation to get through each day and live it for someone other than myself. She is the reason I want to be better than the day before. She gives me love and affection by just falling asleep beside me, or riding along in the car.

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