Twice Adopted, Twice Loved

Kitten rescued by humans and their cats


PetSmart Charities cat adoption story Hope Tarr 2Little Frances was born in the sometimes mean streets of New York City to a feral mother who was injured while foraging for food. Possibly struck by a car; she managed to drag herself back to her kittens. The mother and kittens were discovered by rescuers, but the mother died on the way to the vet. The orphaned kittens were then put up for adoption by the veterinarian.


And that’s when little Frances’s story took a turn for the better, because there was hope. Or, more specifically, Hope and Raj.









PetSmart Charities cat adoption story Hope TarrA turning point

Hope Tarr, an award-winning author of romance novels, knows about tragedy and triumph—and not just the fictional kind. “Before I moved to New York, I was part of a rescue group in Fredericksburg, West Virginia,” she says. “My friend and I did hands-on rescue for 50 feral cats.”


Among them was Tessa, who was found under a rosebush with six kittens that had been born on the 4th of July. Hope found good homes for five of the kittens, and kept Tessa and her kitten Daisy. “I called Daisy my pick of the litter, because she was the saddest looking little thing, with a scratched eye that needed tending,” Hope says.


While at the vet with her boyfriend Raj Moorjani, a product manager at ABC News, for Tessa’s and Daisy’s  annual checkups, Hope saw something familiar—a feral kitten, newly-rescued and waiting for a good twist in her story.



PetSmart Charities cat adoption story Hope Tarr 3Welcome to the family

“I was a little worried about bringing Frances home,” Hope admits. “I thought there was no way my 14-year-old Tessa would accept a 14-week old kitten into her home, and a non-socialized feral at that.”


Tessa somehow sensed that Frances needed a mom and stepped into the role wholeheartedly. “Tessa bathed Frances, and then put her arms and legs around her like a cradle,” Hope says. “You’d never know this kitten wasn’t her own.”


As for Daisy, she decided not to play the part of evil stepsister. “Daisy has been like a cool big sister for Frances,” says Hope. “She’s taught her boundaries, and she also grooms her. She gets a little jealous every now and then, but she’ll only give Frances a very light, harmless swat.”

“I’m so inspired by the compassion of Tessa and Daisy toward Frances,” Hope says. “People could learn a lot from animals. You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but an old cat can teach you a lot of things.”


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