Wandering Beagle Walks Into Couples Hearts

Lost dog finds her forever home


PetSmart Charities Dog Adoption Stories Isabel the Beagle 1Light rain was falling over Jersey City when Animal Control found the little Beagle wandering the streets alone, so they called her Drizzle. She had no collar and no chip, though she must have had owners; she knew basic commands and was friendly, though frightened. No one knew why she’d been abandoned and left to go hungry and get mangy. Only one thing was clear: “She was the cutest little dog I’d ever seen,” says Justin Berardo.


Meet the Beagle

Justin, a lawyer working with the state of New Jersey, and his wife Brooke, a speech therapist, had made the decision to get a dog—but had not landed on what kind to adopt. “We had a few conversations about the type of dog we wanted,” Justin says. Brooke was hoping for a King Charles Cavalier, while Justin, whose previous dog was a Lab, wanted “something I could feel slightly masculine about being around. But we also needed a small dog, because of the size of our apartment.” When they saw the little Beagle online, she seemed like a perfect compromise.



Brooke and Justin are quick to point out that first impressions aren’t always the ones to go by. When they met the small wanderer at the shelter, she wandered right past them—and over to the door to poop. Thankfully, that moment of stage fright passed quickly. The pup came back over to Justin and put her head on his knee. “Somehow, Justin knew she’d be the right one,” Brooke says. “She was so cute, we were sold on the spot.”

PetSmart Charities Dog Adoption Stories Isabel the Beagle 2New parents, new home, new name

By the time the Beagle  got to her forever home, she’d been re-named Isabel, and she settled right in. Anyone familiar with Beagles knows they will chase a squirrel to the ends of the earth. That isn’t the case with Isabel. “If someone got this dog thinking she’d be a hunter, they were sorely disappointed,” Justin says with a laugh. “If Isabel sees a squirrel or chipmunk, she’s like ‘Hi’ and goes back to whatever she was doing.”







PetSmart Charities Dog Adoption Stories Isabel the Beagle 3There have been many changes over the years—the Berardos had a little girl, Evelyn, and moved to a house in the suburbs where Evelyn and Isabel have a yard to play in. But one thing has stayed the same since the day Isabel, the wandering Beagle, came to her forever home. “Whether we’ve been gone for a few hours or a few minutes, she’s just so excited when we come home,” says Justin. “Her welcoming, her happiness at seeing us—that never changes. People say she’s lucky we adopted her, but we feel equally blessed.”


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