Westworld Star Co-Parents Rescues

Jimmi Gummi and Mouse_01HBO star Jimmi Simpson shares pups named Mouse and Gummi Bear--yes, Gummi Bear--with friends


Busy people often think they can’t adopt a pet because they work long hours or travel for business. Actor Jimmi Simpson definitely fits that description. After critically acclaimed performances in Breakout Kings and House of Cards (in which his character parented a guinea pig) the 40-year-old native of Hackettstown, New Jersey is co-starring in HBO’s Westworld, which premiered October 2, and doing a play, Empathitrax, in New York. Yet this dog lover found a way to take on great roles and still give rescues a good home: co-parenting.




Jimmi Gummi and Mouse_02Sharing the love

Fifteen years ago, Jimmi and actress Melanie Lynskey were at a farmer’s market in Hollywood. “There, between the organic bananas and the homemade peanut brittle, was this little dog in a cage,” Jimmi says. The woman at the stand brought rescued strays to the market in hopes of finding good homes for them. Jimmi put his name down, and the next day, the couple found themselves driving to a house in South Central Los Angeles.


A neighbor’s complaint resulted in a raid, with all the rescues seized—except one. “The woman gave her son a dog and told him to run out the back,” Jimmi says. “That was Mouse. She was in their yard, filthy and eating kibble from the ground, and I fell so in love with her.”


Years later, when Jimmi and Melanie split in what was described as the nicest divorce in Hollywood, they agreed to share custody of Mouse. “Serendipitously, our schedules always work out,” Jimmi says. “And when Mel gets to have Mouse for her week, that’s when I get Gummi Bear.”


Jimmi Gummi and Mouse_03Part-time parenting, full-time love

Gummi Bear is a 13-year-old Pomeranian with no teeth. What he does have is a pack of loving parents, including Jimmi and his friend Tim Santos, owner and sensei at Zenki Dojo, a martial arts-based fitness center in Los Angeles. When Gummi’s former owner couldn’t care for him anymore, Tim stepped up, and the five-pound fluffball became Zenki Dojo’s mascot.


“I saw Gummi and told Tim, ‘You gotta let me have him sometimes!’” Jimmi said. The actor generously offered to have Gummi fully vetted, which was very necessary: Gummi has arthritis and cataracts and was malnourished. “But these daddies have given him great healthcare and have him on a top-notch diet,” says Charlotte, Tim’s assistant.


With those missing teeth, every day is #tongueouttuesday. “We give Gummi a special meat porridge he can lap up, but his tongue is so crazy long it lashes back at him and he looks like he got a pie in the face,” Jimmi says.


For Jimmi, co-parenting lets him take on more dream roles and still get to explode with doggie joy. “I fall more in love with Mouse every day, and Gummi is a stunning soul. When I leave town, it’s essential to have family look after your loved ones.” With these co-parenting arrangements, this Westworld star has the best of both worlds.  


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