Zeppelin’s Favourite Place to Sleep—Under the Christmas Tree

Courtney Demore adopted her black and white cat, Oli from a PetSmart store in Nova Scotia a few years ago.  But when she recently moved to Newfoundland, she felt Oli was lonely and went to PetSmart in St. John’s in search of a kitty companion to adopt.

When she arrived, Courtney’s eye (and heart) was immediately caught by a cute little marmalade-and white kitten with a light orange birthmark on his face. Right then, she decided he was the one. Courtney named her new kitty Zeppelin based on two things:  her love of the band Led Zeppelin and her fondness for world war history. 

Zeppelin and Oli became fast friends. They sleep, cuddle and play together all day.  When asked about why she’s always chosen to adopt her cats, Courtney says, “I love the idea of giving a cat or kitten a fresh new start with a trusting and loving family.  When you choose to adopt, you notice how grateful your new pet is. They’re so appreciative of the warm and cozy home you’ve just given them.”

While Courtney says she spoils her kitties with treats all year round, she makes sure they get to celebrate the holidays, too.  “I love to give my cats their own stocking for Christmas, full of treats and a plushy catnip pickle from PetSmart—they just love that toy.”

But the picture that shows just how happy Zeppelin is to be home for the holidays is the one that shows him sitting in his new favourite spot—under the Christmas tree. “As soon as the tree goes up, both Oli and Zeppelin find a safe and cozy spot to cuddle up under it,” says Courtney.  “It seems appropriate for them to look like little presents under the tree because they have given me so much joy and companionship.  They’re very happy cats and it makes me a happy cat mom, too.”


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