13 Cute Pet Photos to Make Tax Day Better

Friday, April 11, 2014

For many Americans, tax day is a painful one. Filing is a time-consuming process we must follow every year or we risk an unpleasant visit from Uncle Sam.

But there’s one thing we know for certain: adopted pets make everything better! Here are some adorable photos of adopted pets to make Tax Day better:


Chihuahua dog

Ah, it’s April 14, and your receipts are still balled up in a shoebox!


cute little puppy

Don’t be afraid. Cute pets have the answers to all your problems (sort of!).


puppy love

Was there puppy love in 2014? Be sure to update your marital status.


baby kitten

Did you recently have a baby? 


puppy pile

Don’t forget to list your dependents!


sleeping kittens

W2, 1098, 1099 – Does finding all those forms have you worn out?


fluffy puppy

Just cuddle a fluff ball as you file your taxes.


cute kitten

Your taxes will be done before you know it!


smiling puppy

Now put a smile on your face and start crunching those numbers. 


happy adopted dog

Face the confusing acronym-filled madness with a positive attitude.



grumpy kitty

You might owe the IRS some money.


happy dog

But you’ll soon be free to enjoy the wind in your hair and the sun on your face!


happy adopted dog

And just maybe, if you get a nice refund check, you’ll consider making a tax-deductible donation to PetSmart Charities. You’ll help us save more cute pets, and it might just make 2015’s tax return a little less painful!



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