20 Things We Love About Adopted Pets

Thursday, May 1, 2014
Pets make such a difference in our lives

Pet lovers share the knowledge that their pets enrich their lives in countless ways. Here are some of our favorites.

  1. There is nothing like the joy of a pet when we come home.Adopted dog shows his love
  2. Your pet understands you — happy or sad, healthy or unwell, your pet knows how to comfort you when you need it.
  3. They keep us warm through cold winters.
  4. No matter what, an adopted pet is devoted to you — all they want in return is your love. (Well, love…and sometimes treats.)
  5. Pets help keep us healthy, getting us moving — even just to play in the house — when we'd rather sit on the couch.
  6. Out of the lively atmosphere of the shelter, each adopted pet settles into his new home and shows his true charming personality.
  7. Their fur decorates all of our possessions, constantly reminding us of their love.
  8. Like many adopters, we just knew our pet was the one for us.
  9. We can’t help but smile at their silly antics — just try staying in a bad mood with a happy pet around.
  10. When we adopted him, our pet came with bonus goodies from the shelter, like training help, some supplies and a coupon for a follow-up veterinary exam.
  11. They trust and love us, even though they might have met some humans who didn’t deserve them.
  12. Our pets make us forget even the toughest of days.
  13. Even as they grow older, our pets are still young at heart, always taking us up on any offer to goof around.
  14. We've met great people — and even made some lifelong friends — by chatting about our pets.
  15. We keep our pets waiting all day for our company, and they're grateful for it every time.
  16. Most of our adopted pets were spayed or neutered when we adopted them from the shelter — one fewer thing to think about, leaving us free to enjoy time with our new furry friend.
  17. You never feel alone with your adopted best friend by your side.
  18. Our pet is just the right match for our family, thanks to the insightful help of shelter staff who wanted to ensure we'd all be happy.
  19. Adopted pets are the best cheer-you-up pals ever.
  20. It's a good feeling knowing that when we chose to adopt, we chose to save a pet's life.


What do you love most about your adopted pet? Leave us a comment.


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