5 Signs You Are About to Adopt a Pet

Friday, February 6, 2015

Welcoming a cat or dog into your home is much more than just daydreaming about cats or petting your neighbor’s dog. How do you know you’re gearing up for a new pet? Check out the signs below to confirm your case of kitty or puppy fever.

  1. man looks at dogYou are the first volunteer to pet-sit for your friends or foster for a local rescue. A friend needs you to check in on their Maine coon cat while he is on an overnight business trip? Done. Your aunt asks if you can feed her 2 Chihuahuas on her weekend trip to see the in-laws? Of course. Someone needs you to house-sit while they are in Aspen so you can take care of their Bichon Frisé and their Siamese cat? You don’t even blink before accepting the offer. Plus, you have fostered so many kittens that you’ve lost count.
  2. You’re researching pets who fit your lifestyle — and sending videos to everyone to help you decide. Everyone you know — your roommate, your siblings, your significant other — has probably gotten your emails about the corgi pup barking at his own reflection in the mirror. After all, you’ve already decided that a corgi’s high energy is a perfect complement to your outdoorsy lifestyle. Or maybe you’ve emailed “Top 10 Funniest Cat Videos Ever” because you can imagine its 2 senior cats keeping each other company while you are at work.
  3. You have a scenario in place for even not-so-glamorous parts of pet ownership. You have scoped out vet offices close to your job and your home. You know the best low-cost spay/neuter clinic in your area in case the pet you adopt isn’t fixed. You’ve even checked out breed restrictions in your apartment complex or homeowner’s association to make sure that when you do adopt, there are no barriers to a lifetime of love.
  4. You’ve already created a post-adoption pet budget to make sure they have nothing but the best. You’ve researched the cost of owning a pet like you would the cost of a child: pet sitters, training classes, bowls, collars, beds. You are well aware that loving a pet comes with a cost, but the returns are innumerable. Plus, you also know how much adopting can save you, between most pets being already spayed or neutered as well as vaccinated. Sometimes, adoptable pets are microchipped, too.
  5. You want to end pet homelessness in a generation. You are probably the type who checks out volunteering opportunities in your community to help local shelters. Socializing animals helps you become a better prospective pet parent, and it also helps pets grow more comfortable around people, which makes them more adoptable.

If any (or all) of these sound like you, you are ready to save a life. When you adopt, you not only save a life, you also enrich your own. You can be a part of our mission to end pet homelessness in a generation.

Not quite ready to adopt yet? You can still help save pets’ lives right now. Donate to PetSmart Charities today.


Connie Longenecker

I would not encourage anyone to adopt a cat until they showed a love of cats and a caring personality.

morma blandford

I love cats and dogs, and cant stand when people mistreat them


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