Adoption Update: Life with Henry

Monday, August 20, 2018

Henry was merely a puppy when he and his littermates were brought to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in a cardboard box. In just one short year, Henry met his very best friend and mom, Sydney, went from homeless to homebound, and discovered the joys of whipped cream snackies from the coffee drive-thru. Although Sydney was the one to change Henry’s life through adoption, a look back at the past year would suggest the rescue was mutual.

“I was in a really dark place when I got him and when he came into my life I knew I had to step it up to give him everything I can." 

As Henry approached his first birthday, Sydney knew big plans were in order, after all, this was a celebration of not only his 1st birthday but also an anniversary of unconditional love and friendship. 

"It’s a whole new foundation of love, it’s unconditional, I would do anything for this dog.”

To celebrate, Henry spent the day doing the things he loves most, with the person he loves the most.



Like spending a day in Tampa Bay, out on the town with his BFF


and, scarfing down Puppucino's on a coffee run


then burning off those Puppucino calories at the dog park


and, showing off his stylish looks in a snapback and “birthday boy” bandana


finally, ending a long day with a relaxing dip in his very own doggie pool.

Happy 1st Birthday Henry!






I love it . That was awesome


God Bless you gave him a great home.

Dottie Clark

I also have an adopted dog. His name is Charlie. I got him from the Everett, WA Animal Shelter a few months ago. He loves everyone in his family and makes them laugh. So great to see other adopted animal moms.

Beverly Zuk

That white patch on his chest must be where God picked him up to dip into the chocolate!


What a beautiful story! Both are lucky in love!


It’s great to hear Henry doing fine
Take care
A.Acosta/Honolulu Hawaii


I wish every pet could be so lucky. Pets are the best, they love you, trust you, want to please you and know how lucky they are, if only some humans could be like the pets. Everyone needs at least one BFF with 4 legs.


How sweet, looks happy. I adopted my little girl from a shelter and I tell you she gives me joy everyday. I am so happy you gave Henry a home. You are a life saver!

Pam, owner of a...

Great dog, always keep him safe. God Bless you two.

Kathy Dimmick

Happy Birthday Henry! I absolutely love that the two of you found each other!


I am so grateful that you opened your heart and your home to Henry. So many of these pups need loving homes, it is a privilege for me to see that so many of us share the same concept. Happy birthday and many more !!!!


God blessed you for each other.

Monica Bright

What a "Beautiful Story!" Thank you for giving him a "Forever Home!" God Bless You! ❤️❤️❤️


What a lucky and happy puppy!!


I know exactly how you feel. Without my 2 rescue babies (now 6 & 2), I don't think I could get through the day. I hardly see my human kids so my doggie kids provide me with all the love, & attention I need. They rescue me every day! Rescues are the best. NO ONE should go through puppy mills & breeders.


Happy Birthday! What a sweet pup. I am glad you two found each other. Makes for a good life.


Such a wonderful story. God Bless you for caring. I have my second rescue Yorkie (had my 1st for 9 years until she went over the
rainbow bridge, gave her a very happy life with pleasure) - I do everything humanly possible to keep her happy, she's spoiled rotten.


What a wonderful life he is having. Adopting is the best! Thanks Sydney for adopting your BFF. I work at a shelter and I love to see our dogs and cats find their furrever homes. It's such a great feeling. I have had many rescued dogs and cats over the years and wouldn't have traded any of those moments for anything.


The name fits him. LoL hes Beautiful!$

Tina Marie White



Very cool, outstanding. Living proof that we still can be worthy stewards of our domestic (okay, wild also!) companions.

Great work Sydney. Love these kinds of short stories!
; >)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY HENRY!!!!!!! And what a super wonderful Pet Mom you have. Blessings.


He is so happy! Every person & pet needs love, that is all it takes. Great story.


Happy Birthday Henry, you lucky dog!!! You got back what you gave in spades, I'll bet.


Toooooooo precious! He looks like a real character.


That story really made me happy! I hope Henry and his new guardian have many wonderful loving years together.


What a beautiful story! Love the pics! Brings me to tears! God bless you & Henry!


Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this. It really made my day, probably tomorrow too. XXOO


What a sweet story. Henry is a very lucky boy to have found a human mommy like you. Give Henry a birthday kiss from me and my fur babies. God bless you both.




Happy Birthday Henry!!! Wishing you many many more!

Yvonne Triplett

OMG!!! That is Sooooo Cute!!! You made my day Henry.


Yesss it’s heart warming I love this!


What a great story!

Henry has found his home and people partner for life. Happy 1st birthday Henry, you deserve to be happy :)


What a gorgeous pup and a wonderful friendship! Happy birthday little buddy!! I hope you get to spend many more together.

Bob Ochs

Happy birthday Henry! I hope you have many many more happy birthdays.


He looks just like my rescure child Mindi. Who is adorable and precosious and loves Dairy Queen. In Camdenton mo they offer a pup cup that is free for your dog in drive through

Kelle Savage

I am so happy to see Henry a happy boy he deserves it. . All our fury friends deserve a great family full of love and
happiness for lots of years .

Thank you for sharing

Joanne Ketchen

He has come a long way. I am happy and excited that he met a very special person who can give him everything he deserves.
This is what having a pet is like. Joanne ketchen


Happy birthday Henry! Thanks for sharing this heartwarming story and pics. Just makes my heart feel good for both of you❤️

Lisa Shipley

I love your story about your dog I have two dogs they are my best friends I love them like they are my kids they came into my life when I needed them and I wouldn’t give them up for nothing in the world


Sydney, Thank you for giving Henry a loving , safe, and comfortable home.!


I love this dog and the mom who adopted this beautiful dog. What a B-day it made me smile and cry with happy tears. I too was in a bad place and just 2 weeks ago adopted a 2 mo old baby kitten Iris. She has brought such happiness to my life and everyday I do more to make her happy. We are all so blessed that give and receive unconditional love from God's purrfect angels.


I love this dog and the mom who adopted this beautiful dog. What a B-day it made me smile and cry with happy tears. I too was in a bad place and just 2 weeks ago adopted a 2 mo old baby kitten Iris. She has brought such happiness to my life and everyday I do more to make her happy. We are all so blessed that give and receive unconditional love from God's purrfect angels.

Linda M

As a pet mom---taking in strays for all my life ( I am now 70) this has what kept me going---you 2 are GREAT-- if everyone did this there would not be homeless critters . NOW--would that not be GREAT too- Pets make a great contribution to our lives----Thank u very much

Veronica Hadden

Happy First Birthday are Awesome!

Joanna Feflie

Happy Birthday Henry!! Wishing you many more!!


Best birthday ever ! thanks for giving the pup a happy home :)


What a beautiful birthday for a handsome boy!! Well done Sydney!

Steve Haktanir

I adopted my 5+ yo lab-retr-pointer rescue "Thunder" from our local Pet Smart few years ago. Tell you all what....he is my shadow, attached to me forever; better than any biological children!



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