Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Monday, October 1, 2018

We're kicking off Adopt a Shelter Dog Month with an SPCA Tampa Bay partner spotlight! 

With a mission to create a community where every pet matters, SPCA Tampa Bay is committed to serving all pets within their community. As the only open admission non-profit shelter in the region, they bring hope and second chances to pets in the Tampa Bay area. Thanks to strong partnerships with shelters like SPCA Tampa Bay, we're saving more lives by connecting people and pets through adoption. 

It's Week 2 of National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

We're spotlighting the great work of our partners at The Houston BARC Foundation. When Hurricane Harvey was set to hit last year, a group of employees volunteered to stay overnight at the shelter so the animals could be taken care of as the rain waters rose. Watch how they stepped up to support their community during this time of need.

It's Week 3 of National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

We're highlighting the great success of one of our newest Everyday Adoption Center Partners, Aurora Animal Services. Over the years, the Aurora Animal Shelter has had to transfer adoptable pets to other facilities due to the shelter’s limited capacity, In September 2017, they were able to move into our PetSmart Charities Everyday Adoption Center in Westminster, CO. Since moving into this new space, they’ve been able to find homes for more than 400 pets in need. 


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