Community Cats Find a Loving Caretaker

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gloria Greybar noticed several cats hanging around her neighborhood, and decided to do something about it. But she knew if she started feeding them, that they would probably get comfortable in the neighborhood and begin to breed. So, she contacted staff at Albuquerque's Community Cats Project to ensure they were fixed. After her cats were trapped, neutered and returned (TNR'd), Gloria continued to care for her colony.

Hear Gloria explain why she's a community cat caretaker:




Caretaker of a colony of 7, we need a network in albuquerque, if you also a caretakwr contact me 5058048303

Todd Cook

I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada and like Gloria, I am a Huge Fan of Animals. I just wanted to say to her that I think She is a Wonderful person and a Hero to Me!


Two cats 9 years old need good home. Two of my children have allergies and we must let them go. Please contact me if you can take them I live in the Philadelphia area.


Hi Julie, I'm sorry to hear you can't keep these cats. We always recommend that you reach out to your local animal welfare groups for advice. They'll have the best knowledge of the resources in your area. 


So I was just told that Norfolk, VA will give you traps but its up to you. Are there no local rescues TNR groups that would do this? Animal control will just come and get them and euthanize or try to adopt the babies I guess. There are 150 cats plus or minus in one small trailer park. what the heck?


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