Do-It-Yourself for Cat People: Easy Crochet Cat Toys

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cat playing with crochet toyDo you enjoy quick crochet projects? In just a few minutes, you can create a fun and durable toy as a gift for a cat-loving friend or as a special surprise for your own feline family. Your local cat adoption agency would also love to receive a supply of these safe, colorful toys.

Easy pattern makes for hours of feline fun

This simple ruffle is a great way to use up scrap acrylic yarn. These toys are machine washable (even with bleach). The pattern is all double crochet, using acrylic yarn with a J or K hook and a yarn needle.

1. Chain 12, leaving a 3-inch-long tail of loose yarn.

2. Double crochet (DC) in the 4th stitch from the end.

3. DC 5 more times in the same stitch for a total of 6.

4. In the next chain stitch, DC 6 times.

5. Repeat until you reach the end.

6. Bind off and clip, leaving another 3-inch-long yarn tail.

7. Tie the 2 ends securely, as close to the ruffle as possible.

8. Using a yarn needle, pass both loose yarn ends through the open spaces to the other end of the ruffle.

9. Stitch securely and clip close.

Coat the toys in catnip for an extra treat

You’ve created a tantalizing spiral that’s just the right size and weight for a cat or kitten to enjoy. For even more impact, marinate your cat toy in catnip:

  • Sprinkle some catnip into a sandwich-sized zip-top plastic bag and insert a crocheted cat toy. Seal the bag and shake.
  • Leave the bag sealed for several days (or even longer) to thoroughly coat the the yarn with catnip.
  • Remove the toy from the bag and toss it on the floor for a cat to terrorize. Instant fun!



Linda Racine

It seems to me that it would be super easy for a cat to take this toy apart, and ingest the yarn.


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