Home for the Holidays: Kamryn and Hampton

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


For Kamryn, dogs have always had a special place in her heart. She was really missing her family dog at home while she was away at school. Kamryn saw Hampton’s picture online and immediately fell in love. Without hesitation, she set up a time with Hampton’s foster parent to meet the sweet pup and they were a perfect match.



"He’s been the perfect addition to my life"


Two days later, Kamryn received the news that once Hampton was vaccinated and ready to go to his forever home, she was approved to adopt him. On December 1st, Hampton was on his way home for the holidays.



We reached out to Kamryn to learn more about Hampton’s journey home for the holidays and, just five days later, she has learned so much about her new best friend:


What has been your biggest learning as a new pet parent to Hampton?

I've learned you need A LOT of patience with a new puppy. I knew it was going to be hard work, but he definitely tires me out. He is a rescue originally from Mississippi and went through two different foster homes so I'm the fourth person who has taken care of him in his short life. He's quickly getting adjusted, but I've learned that it has taken a lot of patience to begin getting him into a routine.


What are Hampton’s top 5 favorite things to do?

Hampton's favorite things to do are go outside exploring, chewing on a bone filled with peanut butter, getting snuggles at the end of the day, any time he gets to eat and playing with his toys.

How has being a dog parent to Hampton changed your life?

Becoming a parent to Hampton has changed my life by giving me more responsibility and helping to save a life. I have someone else to care for other than just myself now and it's eye-opening realizing he is 100 percent dependent on me to give him a good life. I love that little guy.

If Hampton could make a Holiday wish list, what would be on it?

Peanut butter flavored treats and more chew toys would definitely be on Hampton's wish list this year! (a few obedience classes would be on my wishlist for him lol)

What are you most looking forward to on your first Holiday with Hampton?

I'm most looking forward to having him to spend the holidays with and giving him some presents on Christmas.



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