Home for the Holidays: Lisa and Jasper

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Puppy’s ‘complete cuteness’ wins over prospective pet parent on National Adoption Weekend


Last year, Lisa Labon of Hamilton, Ontario, lost her furry, four-legged friend Duchess. Duchess was a Border Collie and Lisa’s close companion for 18 years.

Although Lisa still missed Duchess, lately, she found herself thinking about getting another dog. That’s how Lisa ended up at PetSmart Charities of Canada’s National Adoption Weekend at the PetSmart store in Ancaster, Ontario.

“I told my friend it was time for me to start looking, so we came over to meet a few of the dogs that were up for adoption,” said Lisa.

As soon as she saw a nine-week-old Border Collie/Husky mix puppy, Lisa was smitten. With one blue eye, one brown eye, and a fluffy, black, brown and white coat, the handsome little guy named Jasper immediately snuggled into Lisa’s arms.

Jasper was one of several dogs up for adoption at the PetSmart store in Ancaster through a partnership between PetSmart Charities and a rescue group called Blue Collared Canines, in Cayuga, Ontario. Blue Collared Canines is a rescue focused on serving herding dogs and other working dogs. By participating in National Adoption Weekend events, the rescue has a great opportunity to introduce those dogs to people and families ready to give a pet a forever home.

When asked to explain why she fell for this particular dog, Lisa said, “The timing was perfect, but I have to confess, it was his complete cuteness that made me decide to bring him home today. Plus, Jasper is a Border Collie mix, and I feel like by adopting him, I’m honouring Duchess’ memory, too.”


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