Home for the Holidays: Shada's Best Friend

Wednesday, November 28, 2018
A friendship that was meant to be 11-year-old and kitten form a special bond during National Adoption Weekend

Shada Whalley has loved cats and dogs all her life but never had a pet of her own. That is, until PetSmart Charities of Canada’s November National Adoption Weekend.

The shy, soft-spoken, 11-year-old came into her local PetSmart the store with her mom Nicole to find out if any of the adoptable pets might be right for them. Along with some dogs, there were cats, kittens and a rabbit all looking for their forever homes.

While most of the store visitors were crowded around the puppy pens, Shada was drawn to a small Mackerel Tabby kitten who was chasing a ball in his cage. Just three months old, this little kitten was clearly ready to play.

After chatting with one of the pet care volunteers, Shada and Nicole lifted the kitten out of the cage and held him carefully. “He purred instantly,” said Nicole. That was all it took. Shada and Nicole knew this kitten was destined to go home with them.

As Shada and Nicole got ready to shop for the things their new kitten would need, Shada said she was “nervous but excited,” about taking her yet-to-be-named kitten home. When asked if she thought the kitten would sleep with her that night, Shada smiled and said, “Oh, I hope so!”

This adoption was made possible by Simcoe & District Humane Society--a PetSmart Charities of Canada adoption partner that has been providing care and finding homes for pets in Simcoe County since 1953.


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