Inspired by Meatloaf

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Read why Josh Duhamel's production company, Dakotakid Media, is bringing to life the Rescue Waggin’ journey, from start to finish

Josh Duhamel with his adopted dogWhen I got my first dog, Zoe, I had no idea about the world of pet adoption or animal rescue. Needless to say, I got an earful from friends eager to share the benefits and joy of adopting. A little over a year after bringing Zoe into our home, we decided she needed a friend and started looking for a dog that might be a good companion for her. This time we knew we wanted to adopt and save a pet who was facing an otherwise uncertain fate.

We found a nearby rescue center and were immediately drawn to an adorable little dachshund mix we would later name Meatloaf.  We immediately fell in love with the little guy. He was a clumsy and lovable little dude with horrible breath — a perfect pal for Zoe.  

After our experience with pet adoption and the joy that Meatloaf brought into our home, I can honestly say that I will never have anything but a rescue pet again.  Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because homeless pets are so loving and appreciative of a place to call home. We lost Meatloaf a couple of years ago, but he will always be with us.

Shortly after Meatloaf passed away, I did some work with nonprofit PetSmart Charities to celebrate its 5-millionth-adoption milestone and encourage others to choose pet adoption, like we did. One of their programs that caught my attention was the Rescue Waggin’ program. Rescue Waggin’ is unique because it takes dogs on the verge of being euthanized and transports them to areas of the country where adoptable pets are in greater demand. I knew something amazing was happening and told my friends at PetSmart Charities, “Now this is the storyline for a TV show!” 

Fast-forward to several months later. My production company, Dakotakid Media, is bringing to life the Rescue Waggin’ journey from start to finish. We filmed adoptable dogs at the “source shelter” in Missouri and followed them cross-country to their “destination shelter” in Minnesota. Our cameras were rolling the entire way. When the dogs arrived at the shelter in Minnesota, they were showered with love by the shelter workers. Loving families adopted many of the dogs within a matter of days. 

After many months on the road filming and interviewing, we are finally ready to show the world what great work the Rescue Waggin’ program is doing, finding homes for pets like Meatloaf, all over the country. Our new web series, Rescue Waggin’: Tales from the Road is told through 8 webisodes during the month of March. Learn more about the program by watching the complete series.


Patti Meis

You do fabulous work...Merryberry Pieface (B &W, looks like she stuck her nose in blackberry pie!) is our treasured Pet Smart kitty. Your workers and volunteers seem to love the critters so completely...the adopting experience is wonderful!! Proud to support your charity.. Thanks, Patti

Juan Hernandez

It saw your story Josh on Meatloaf and it was heartwarming. I have always been an animal lover and it is great all you are doing for the animals in shelter. A year ago I rescued a miniature schnauzer that was left out on the street. He is now my new best friend and his name is Leo Ryan..

Joanne Fluehr

What a wonderful thing you are doing by bringing the Rescue Wagon to some people's attention and showing the hear warming results of everyone's efforts. Thanks for sharing.


Adopting a rescue animal gives great joy..pls spade and neuter pets and stop the gas chambers for these unwanted animals.! Lets get some laws in place to cut down the unwanted pet population.


As a fellow Dachshund rescuer, I love that you have rescued doxies. That breed is the BEST at cuddling and loving their people. I have also rescued a Great Dane and the two breeds are perfect together. Try it yourself! You'll laugh all day long.

Keep up the great work, Josh. You make shows worth watching.


Karin Franco

I am currently a foster mom in Buffalo - the organization Educatabull focuses on rescuing bully breed dogs... some of the most misunderstood and feared dogs... I have one rescue dog (Hanley - named after Hanley Ramirez the baseball player) and a foster boy named Ezra... they are the most appreciative boys and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world... I just want to say that I didnt think I could loke you anymore as an actor and to read a story like this makes me believe that Angels come in all forms... you should be proud of what you do and thank you on behalf of all of us animal lovers - thanks for bringing a spotlight to a very worthy cause and thank you on behalf of all of the dogs you are saving... thank you


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