Meet Zeus: The 8 Millionth Adopted Pet

Thursday, May 17, 2018

New beginnings with Heath + Zeus

Heath Greenlee has always been a cat person. His family frequently adopted cats when he was a child and he carried this on throughout his adulthood.  But there was one in particular that left a significant impact on his life.

In August 2013, he took in a cat named Felix, a black cat his brother often found wandering aimlessly around his neighborhood in Watauga, Texas. It seemed Felix had fallen on hard times – just like Heath.

“I was going through a very emotional time in my life,” said Greenlee. “Felix brought me such joy and was a blessing to have in the house. Instead of rescuing him, Felix rescued me!  We had a very special bond.”

Going through a significant life change, Heath valued his relationship with Felix whom he confided in often and sought comfort from. 



“Pets don’t judge you,” said Greenlee. “They accept you, don’t criticize and, when all else fails, pets are always there for you.”


As time passed, Heath fell in love and married Sandra, pet parent to a Scottish Corgi named Batman. The unconditional

love within the home grew exponentially and, together, Heath and Felix embarked on a new beginning. 

In March 2018, Heath received a phone call from his wife that he would never forget - Felix had suddenly passed away at 5 years old. His heart broke.

“I could hardly believe my best fur friend was gone. I was completely devastated about saying goodbye.”

Weeks later following his loss, Heath found it in his heart to visit the City of Fort Worth Animal Care & Control-operated PetSmart Charities Everyday Adoption Center at the Hulen PetSmart. He wanted to adopt a black cat in loving memory of his dear friend, Felix.

One particular cat caught Heath’s attention, as it was laying on its side looking straight at him.

“He reached out with his paws and we immediately touched fingers.  He got up and start purring and rubbing up against the cage.  This little guy reached out and chose me, filling the emptiness present when Felix died.”

Heath took the cat – whom he named Zeus – home to his wife and Batman where he immediately made himself at home with his family. 

Adopting Zeus was a new beginning for the whole family, including Zeus. His affectionate hugs and playful demeanor have been a welcome addition to his family.



 “Every pet deserves an opportunity for a good life and they want to be happy just like we do.  They just want a good home and I’m so happy we could provide one for Felix and, now, Zeus.  Had I not opened my heart to adopting a pet, I would have passed up the opportunity to adopt a great cat.  He’s only been with us for a short time but we can’t imagine life without him.”

Zeus is the 8 millionth pet adopted through the PetSmart Charities in-store adoption program at PetSmart since 1994.  PetSmart Charities would like to thank its nearly 4,000 animal welfare partners and pet parents everywhere who helped the organization reach this incredible milestone.  Together, we’re helping more pets find their lifelong, loving homes.


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