National Adoption Weekend Takes Us By Surprise

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

4 Pet Adoptions No One Saw Coming

May’s National Adoption Weekend celebrated another milestone as more than 24 thousand pets found forever homes—setting a new record for the May event. Of the many families that chose to adopt love, these four adopters caught us completely off-guard in the best possible way. Learn more about their stories and make your own during our next National Adoption Weekend event, September 16 - 18, 2016.


PetSmart Charities May 2016 National Adoption Weekend Pet Adoption StoriesAvery, Brenna and Scrappy

After one year in and out of the shelter, Scrappy, the 9-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix, captured the hearts of volunteers at the Lexington Humane Society. Scrappy’s owner grew ill and was forced to surrender her to the shelter. For months, adopters could not see past Scrappy’s gray muzzle. When Brenna and Avery, recent college grads and soon to be newlyweds, laid eyes on the senior pooch all they saw was her sweet demeanor and puppy-like playfulness. They knew she was the perfect first dog for their young family.





PetSmart Charities May 2016 National Adoption Weekend Pet Adoption Stories David, Erin and ScooterDavid, Erin and Scooter

As David and Erin prepared for a day of running errands and doing chores, David had a gut feeling he couldn’t ignore. “I wanted to get out of the house, I just had an itch and thought let’s go look at puppies,” says David. “I heard about this event and couldn’t turn it down” he adds. That’s when they met Scooter, a German Shepard puppy who became a little brother to their other rescue pup at home.






PetSmart Charities May 2016 National Adoption Weekend Pet Adoption Stories Jeremy, Christina and MiloJeremy, Christina and Milo

Long-time cat lover Christina was already pet-mom to two shelter cats. When they visited the National Adoption Weekend event, the intent was for her pup-loving husband to finally adopt the dog he’d always wanted. But, when they arrived, a kitten named Milo turned their attention far away from the adoptable pups. The rambunctious kitten with a stub tail was too adorable to resist and now enjoys life with his two siblings.





PetSmart Charities May 2016 National Adoption Weekend Pet Adoption Stories  Chris and CinnamonChris and Cinnamon

Chris was suffering from a broken heart, one he thought would never mend. His feline best friend unexpectedly passed away and he wasn’t ready for a new addition—yet. While visiting PetSmart, Aaron was drawn to the clusters of kittens available for adoption. As he played with the tiny felines through the crates, a smile was brought to his face. When a volunteer placed one of those kitties in his arms. Teary-eyed, Chris hugged his playful new best friend and began signing the adoption papers to take her home.  





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