New Everyday Adoption Center in Las Vegas Frees Up Space to Save Lives

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cat with new familyAfter months of careful planning, we’re cutting the ribbon on a new Everyday Adoption Center (EAC) at the PetSmart store in Henderson, Nev.

In partnership with The Animal Foundation, we hope to find homes for 20 pets every week — or more than 1,000 every year.

The center packs a lot of amenities into its 2,500-square-foot space, including:

  • Housing for adult dogs, puppies and small dogs
  • A separate cat adoption center
  • Play areas for dogs awaiting adoption
  • Meet-and-greet areas for potential pet parents to get acquainted with adoptable pets

But, it’s also what you don’t see that make our EACs really special.

Behind the scenes: all about adoptable pets

The goal of the EAC program is to free up space at our partners’ main shelter locations. This enables adoptable pets to await their new forever homes in a pet-friendly venue.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our EAC facilities:

Ventilation — It is stressful for unfamiliar dogs and cats to be able to smell each other. So, each EAC is equipped with separate ventilation systems for the cat adoption center and the dog kennel. Problem solved.

Relief area — Our canine friends need special accommodations to “do their business.” The relief room includes special flooring that differentiates it from their kennel space. Puppies get a head start on potty training and adult dogs can maintain housebroken habits. The room is designed for easy sanitation with a flushable toilet and washable floors and walls.

Quiet room — Just like humans, dogs and cats need TLC when they aren’t feeling their best. That’s why we incorporated a special room where pets can await a quick trip back to their main facility to recuperate before adoption.

Maintenance/supply room — Our partners staff each adoption center, which houses approximately 40-50 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Through our generous sponsors and donors, PetSmart Charities maintains a well-stocked supply room with all the food, bowls, cleaning supplies and appliances the pets need for a happy stay.

Just the beginning

Every year about 8 million pets end up in shelters across North America. Unfortunately, 4 million pets are euthanized because they are not adopted — that’s 11,000 pets every day.

The Las Vegas EAC and its predecessors are part of a nationwide initiative to save more homeless pets. Since May 2010, PetSmart Charities has helped save nearly 25,000 pets by opening similar adoption centers in Texas, Arizona, Delaware, Wisconsin, Colorado, Kentucky, Idaho, New Jersey and California. And that’s just one of our initiatives to save more homeless pets. Stay tuned. The planning for more EACs continues.


connie haley

I would like to adopt a small dog. I am 65 an good walker and love to play kissy face .


Hi Connie, I'm so happy to hear you want to adopt a dog! Please check out our Find a Pet search tool we have here on our website:


I have a one year old pitball husky lab mix. Female blk my daughter brought home frrom people who did not care for her well enough.....very playful,good with kids.
Needs a loving home who will care for her
908-393-2178. Gina


Hi im looking for a small dog that can live in a apartment with me and my two year old son i would like to adopt one and save a life


Hi Beatriz, I'm glad to hear you want to adopt and save a life! I suggest first reaching out to your local animal welfare groups to see what type of dog they recommend for your living situation. You can also check out the Find a Pet search tool we have on our website: Good luck!


Hi Im looking to adopt a kitten, i have 6 children and i would love a pet for them to grow with. thank you


That's wonderful! You can use our Find a Pet search tool to start your search.


I am 59 years and on Disability with COPD and still get out for walks. I live in Housing in Waymart, Pa. where I live alone, and need a small dog for emotional support .. It's hard for me to be alone, with many health problems. I live on a fixed Income, and can't believe the high prices Adoption Center want for a small dog. Why do they call it Adoption if they charge so much money..?? Especialy the animal shelter with so many un healthy animals. I thought they would be more concerned about the dog having a better life & home to live in..than the money...Please let me know how to adopt a sweet small dog..?? 570-488-9430.. Thank You For Your Time & Help


Hi Richard, I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble finding a pet. Animal welfare groups each set their own adoption fees for different types of pets. Please keep in mind these fees cover spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations and other expenses. You can search for adoptable pets online using our Find a Pet tool.

Carmen Quinones

Hi im looking to adopt a short haired kitten


Hi Carmen, I'm happy to hear you want to adopt! Check out our Find a Pet tool to search for adoptable pets online.


Hello, I am a mother of three and my daughter wants an all white small Maltese. Can't be more than 5 pounds as we live in NYC small apartments. I am having trouble finding one at an adoption agency.


Hi Jessica, you can search for adoptable pets online using our Find a Pet tool.

Jenatte King

In search of a Siberian husky or a toy poodles


Hi Jenatte, I'm glad you want to adopt a dog! You can use our Find a Pet tool to search for adoptable dogs online. 


Iam looking to adopt a small puppy's fit is only me and my husband that live in my home and we had a Labrador retriever and we have him over five years and we are lookin to adopt another lab. Puppy we just bought us a two berm house in Indiana and we are comfy able know that we can have pets and would like to adopt small lab puppyand we would like to adoption there is alway me or him would be home .


Hi, it's great you want to adopt another dog! You can use our Find a Pet search tool to search for adoptable pets in your area online. 


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