PetSmart Associate finds her Cat Counterpart

Saturday, August 31, 2013

After thirteen years of working at PetSmart, Inc., Maria Lopez decided to volunteer for a PetSmart Charities event. Maria is an Accounts Receivable Specialist at PetSmart, but she volunteered to spend a Saturday with the PetSmart Charities crew at a Phoenix community adoption event.

Luckily, Maria picked the best day to volunteer. While working the event, she met her new cat comrade.

Spotting “the one”

Maria has always loved cats, so she offered to help with the cats at the event. She didn’t have pets at the time, but had grown up with all types. She had never adopted or bought a pet. They always happened to find her or be given to her by someone.

While working with the cats, Maria noticed a pure black feline friend. The cat was sweet, but she was reserved. Maria loved how sleepy she was.

When her volunteer time was up, Maria found herself going home with her newly adopted black cat. She named her Alie.

Alie works her magic

Maria figured that Alie would be great with her twin granddaughters. An older, quiet cat would be great with the girls. However, when Maria introduced Alie to the twins, she was hyper and outrageous.

Confused, Maria took her back home to relax at her house. Once home, Alie was immediately back to her normal, calm self. After spending a few days with her, Maria came to understand how Alie worked.

“Alie just knows she’s the queen,” said Maria. Alie had put on a show in front of the granddaughters, just to tell Maria that she wanted to go home.

More than just a pet

The bond that Maria and Alie share is special. Maria said that Alie is more similar to her than any pet she has ever owned. Like Maria, Alie will be social, but she loves her “me time” at the end of the day. They both enjoy naps and relaxation.

“Alie is my baby,” said Maria. Laughing, she confessed, “When I talk to my real daughter about Alie, I say, ‘Your sister is funny,’ or ‘Your sister is doing (whatever) again.’”

Adoption has given Maria a pet that has more in common with her than most people she knows. She loves how much she and Alie are alike.

“Alie is actually mine,” said Maria. “It’s so much different than if I had just bought her. I have never called an animal my kid before, but Alie is my daughter.”


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