Recipe for Relief: Grants Offer Hope for Pets in Need

Monday, February 16, 2015

PetSmart Charities® Emergency Relief department is on call 24/7 to help pets in need. By assisting in both natural and manmade disasters — including puppy mills, dog fighting and hoarding cases — we’ve helped more than 200,000 pets since the program began in 2007.

Our grants help pets get the medical care they need, spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations and necessary items such as toys, bowls and crates. With our program’s aid, these pets are able to find the lifelong, loving homes they deserve.

We’ve followed some of these pets on their journeys. We hope you enjoy our top turnaround stories of 2014.


hoarded dogs are rescuedMr. Wrinkles and Fox

These puppy pals spent the first part of their lives fighting for food and shelter in a backyard in Stone County, Mississippi, where they lived with 115 other dogs. Their rescue came in the nick of time.

Mr. Wrinkles was in bad shape and needed plenty of medical care and recovery time. Luckily, he had Fox’s companionship and a PetSmart Charities Emergency Relief grant to help him through.

In another stroke of luck, the 2 friends were adopted together by Tina and Cody — a loving family who saw them as loving pets rather than damaged goods.


pit bullEver

Ever was 1 of 367 dogs saved from what’s considered the second-largest dog fighting ring in U.S. history. PetSmart Charities supported the rescue effort by providing $139,000 worth of supplies, like crates, leashes and dog bowls.

While Ever escaped without any physical scars, the animal welfare organization tasked with her rehabilitation knew it would be an uphill battle to heal her mental scars.

One year later, Ever is still looking for her perfect family. Mayday Pit Bull Rescue told us she has made tremendous improvements. She’s a happy girl when she feels comfortable, although she’s shy around new people and in unfamiliar situations. Please contact Mayday if you can give Ever the loving home she deserves.


cat by windowBisou

Bisou — formerly known as Puck — was once a hoarded cat in a house with 87 other felines in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Investigators believe a mental condition led the house’s owner to keep more cats than she could handle. 

Bisou and his housemates suffered a number of medical issues. The Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV) stepped up to help the cats with the help of an $11,000 PetSmart Charities Emergency Relief grant.

A few months later, Bisou was ready for a forever home. He soon signaled to a HSHV volunteer that he wanted to be her fur baby by reaching out to her through his cage.

Bisou still suffers from congenital herpes in his eyes, and his vision isn’t perfect. But his new pet mom doesn’t see a disability — she sees her loving cat instead.


hoarded dogs are rescuedLucy and Echo

Lucy and Echo were found in an abandoned home with more than 20 other small mixed-breed dogs in Elliott County, Kentucky. No one knows why they were left alone.

Luckily, the dogs ended up in the care of the Lexington Humane Society (LHS). PetSmart Charities stepped up to help with a $2,300 Emergency Relief grant to get the dogs spay/neuter surgeries, booster shots, and heartworm and flea treatments.

After less than a week, blue-eyed Echo headed to a PetSmart Charities Everyday Adoption Center in Lexington where she found her forever home. Lucy spent a little extra time in LHS’s care because she was shy. The staff gave her plenty of love until the right family came along to give her the life she deserved.


woman holds dog


Bella used to live in a small rabbit cage in the hot Alabama heat. She and more than 80 other dogs on the property were victims of a puppy mill until the Animal Shelter of Pell City, Inc. (ASPCI) took them in.

All those extra dogs were almost too much for ASPCI to handle, but a PetSmart Charities Emergency Relief grant worth nearly $6,000 made things less overwhelming.

With her family’s love and guidance, she quickly learned how to be a dog. Today, Bella lives the life of a happy pet.


girl holds dogCoco

Coco was another puppy victim in Lexington, Kentucky. Like many other dogs in puppy mills, his story starts in a small cage covered in urine and feces. Fortunately for Coco and more than 20 of his Pomeranian brothers and sisters, life took a turn for the better when the Lexington Humane Society rescued them.

A PetSmart Charities Emergency Relief grant worth more than $3,000 paid for the dogs’ spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations. Within a week, Coco and a few of his housemates headed to a PetSmart Charities Everyday Adoption Center in Lexington.

Today, you can find Coco enjoying walks and lots of love from his family. He’s also an adoption ambassador to the Lexington community as he’s proof that even purebred dogs can be found in shelters.


cat on bedCharlie

Charlie’s life also began in a crowded house. This feline lived with 64 other cats at a home in Aroostook County, Maine. After his former owners surrendered Charlie and his housemates to authorities, he and 40 of his feline friends moved to the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society (GAHS) in Lewiston, Maine. GAHS pitched in to help.

PetSmart Charities backed their efforts with a $6,000 Emergency Relief grant that covered blood work, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgeries, microchips and other medical needs.

It wasn’t instantaneous, but the right family spotted Charlie. Now, it’s tough for his new family to decide what Charlie loves more: playing or cuddling. He certainly does plenty of both in his new and much-less- crowded home.


family hugs dogsDaphne and Edgar

Daphne and Edgar live a true rags-to-riches tale. The English springer spaniels were 2 of 21 dogs living in a small, fenced in yard in southern Alabama. To make matters worse, the dogs often fought because the females were in heat, and there was little food to go around.

Neighbors could see the dogs’ injuries through the fence, so they worked to shut this puppy mill down. The dogs headed to English Springer Rescue America, Inc. to get the care they needed.

A PetSmart Charities Emergency Relief grant worth $4,000 funded the dogs’ spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, microchips and other medical care — including eye surgery for Daphne.

You can say Daphne and Edgar hit the “springer lottery” when they met a family who now spoils them rotten.


While these pets now have a much brighter future, there are many other pets in need. PetSmart Charities receives dozens of Emergency Relief requests each week. You can help save pets by making a lifesaving donation


Lisa iannello

Cat foster or adoption.
Due to superstorm sandy we have had to vacate our home while it is being "lifted". We are moving to an apartment that will not permit us to take our two cats. Looking for either a foster home for approximately six months or a forever home. Both males, neutered, and front declawed. I hope someone can help us.


Hi Lisa, I'm so sorry to hear about your cats. Have you tried reaching out to your local animal welfare organizations? They'll have the best knowledge of the resources available in your area. If it helps, you can locate our animal welfare partners in your area through our website. Simply choose the dropdown for your state.


Hi Lisa, I'm so sorry to hear about your cats. Have you tried reaching out to your local animal welfare organizations? They'll have the best knowledge of the resources available in your area. If it helps, you can locate our animal welfare partners in your area through our website. Simply choose the dropdown for your state.


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