Ring in the New Year with Our Favorite Pet Kisses

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Pucker up for these adorable cats and dogs

Nothing is quite like a pet kiss — whether it’s a sloppy, slobbery smooch from a big wet dog or a gentle nose rub from a kitten. But kisses from adopted pets seem extra special, don’t they? I’ve noticed this especially at PetSmart Charities® adoption events.

There’s so much joy in the air at these events — mostly because these formerly homeless cats and dogs are just so darn excited to be finally going home. But the people are glowing, too. And it’s not just the proud new pet parents — foster parents, shelter staff and volunteers are ecstatic, too.

We see so many pet kisses at our adoption events, we’ve collected some of our favorites. We hope they inspire you to pull your loved ones (furry and human) a bit closer as you ring in the New Year.

Family hugging new adopted dog

The “are you my mother?” lean-in kiss.

Family kissing new dog at adoption event

The big human – tiny puppy sandwich smooch.

Little girls kiss new adopted dog

The little human – big puppy sandwich smooch (so much cuteness!).

Dog giving wet sloppy kiss

The wet and sloppy dog kiss.

Cat kissing owner

The “wet and sloppy,” cat version.

Dog kissing owner at adoption event

The come-from-behind ear kiss (who hasn’t been surprised by this one?!).

Girl holding kitten

The graceful kitty peck.

Puppy kissing man

The eager-puppy face mash.

Dog kissing baby boy

The moment of acceptance of the tiny human.

Woman kissing tiny kitten

The moment of acceptance of the tiny kitten.


Animal shelter worker holding cat

The “I’m so thankful” double paw and peck.

Two dogs kissing

The “I’ll be your friend forever” nose boop.

Puppy kissing woman

The accidental tooth kiss — which tends to happen when we humans get excruciatingly happy.

Shelter vet kissing cat

The “I’m so lucky you saved me” look, accompanied by the “I’m so happy I saved you” smooch.

Woman kissing big dog

The “we belong together.” Aww.


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