Senior Pug Proves Love Never Grows Old

Monday, May 2, 2016

Emoji the Senior Pug dog adoption story for petsmart charities

For one couple, love is blind, deaf, and adorable

 “I come from crazy Pug people,” Mary Atwater jokes. “We always had Pugs when I was growing up. Pug love just runs in my family.” As a volunteer for Curly Tail and S.N.O.R.T., two New York-area rescue groups specializing in Pugs and similar breeds, she opened her home whenever necessary to pups in need. “I was an emergency foster who takes in last-minute rescues, which I could do because I didn’t have a dog at the time.”

That is, until she met Emoji.

Hard story, easy decision

Found in a yard in Brooklyn, abandoned. His eyes were crusted, and his ears were swollen shut from an infection. His mouth was full of painfully rotted teeth. A lack of mobility and worn fur around his joints told veterinarians the senior pug had spent the majority of his life in a cage. They also discovered that he was both blind and deaf. He was placed with Mary and her boyfriend Frank Massaro as a foster—though not for long.

“I adopted him outright,” Mary says. “I didn’t hesitate. Whoever abandoned him, their loss was my gain.”

Good deeds and good sense

Mary, who does marketing and communications for a non-profit in New York, has had a lot of experience with special needs pets. “My family used to ask for the hot messes, the ones in need of the most TLC,” she says, “Our feeling was, get them healthy and give them lots of love.”

Real Happy Emoji Pug dog adoption story for PetSmart CharitiesMary says what helped most was having connections with rescue groups, and people who also have special needs pets. “They’ve been great for advice and support,” she says.  

She also had a good veterinary team she trusted. “Look into pet insurance,” Mary suggests. “You might think your special needs pet won’t be covered, but you could be surprised.”

A happy ending to this Pug’s curly tale

Emoji the dog styler dog adoption story for PetSmart Charities

While he may not be able to see or hear, Emoji knows he’s surrounded by love —from both his adopted family and more than 18 thousand fans on social media. His life today consists of playing with his pal Inky, a Brussels Griffon/Pug mix adopted by Mary’s boyfriend Frank, together they spread the word about the joys of adopting special needs pets. Emoji used to be afraid to move around and stayed still, with his head hung low; now, thanks to lots of “snackies,” cuddles, and kisses, he walks around with happy confidence, knowing he’s safe in his forever home.

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