Snapshots of Our Favorite Moments of 2014

Thursday, January 8, 2015
Check out these heartwarming adoption photos

2014 was a year full of “happy tails” as more than 400,000 pets found lifelong, loving homes through PetSmart Charities®. It’s truly a special moment when a pet discovers he is going to his forever home, and it’s equally special when the new pet parent finds her perfect match.

We were lucky enough to capture some of these special moments on camera during our National Adoption Weekends and large-scale community adoption events. It was tough to choose, but here are a few of our favorite moments of 2014: 


man kisses dog

Many happy tails were wagging at our February National Adoption Weekend event in Valdosta, Georgia. But perhaps the most heartwarming moment happened when Joel bent down to kiss with his newly adopted dog Hercules. The look on Hercules’s face said it all.



girl holds kitten

Tatum couldn’t have been happier to fulfill her “niece duties” and help her Aunt Debi find a kitten to adopt. They knew a trip to National Adoption Weekend in Chattanooga, Tennessee, would do the trick. They were right — that’s where they met Tucker, their perfect kitten. 


family with dog

Patches embarked on a new journey after finding a forever home at National Adoption Weekend in Ashland, Kentucky, in February. Previously, Patches caught a lucky break when a concerned neighbor called a local animal welfare group after she saw the dog chained up during the “arctic blast” of 2014, earning Patches her previous name, "Snow Mama." After giving Patches a cozy forever home, pet parent Erica said Patches warms her heart. 


man looks at cat

Sometimes, you just need that one look to know it’s meant to be. That’s what happened when Mike Ward met Buster in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mike frequents National Adoption Weekend with his family “just to hug the pets.” One hug was all it took for Mike to figure out that Buster needed to be a part of the family.


family adopts 2 dogs

Gonzo and Pete finally found a home together after spending 6 months in a shelter. The pair couldn't be separated after their previous owner passed away. Lucky for them, Gail and Tim fell in love with them both at our May National Adoption Weekend in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and now the forever friends share their forever home.


boy adopts kitten

Adam shared a tender moment with his new kitten Miranda at our February National Adoption Weekend in Tempe, Arizona. After careful consideration, Adam knew an adopted kitten would make the perfect first pet for a boy like him. His mother and grandmother came to help him choose a feline friend, but Miranda easily won his heart.


girls pose with dog

Sisters Viaunna and Talia proudly posed next to their newly adopted 7-year-old Shar-Pei mix Raiden during National Adoption Weekend in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


dog gets adopted

Danielle (left) couldn't wait to take her new black Lab mix, Jude, home after National Adoption Weekend in May. But first, Jude had to say goodbye to those who took care of him in the shelter. He gave a final hug to Toronto Animal Services representative Caley (right) outside the Leaside PetSmart store in Toronto.


family adopts cat

Dan and Mary were thrilled to have adopted Oliver at PetSmart Charities Adopt-A-Pet Weekend in Phoenix, Arizona. “He was so friendly and nice,” Mary said. “He is exactly what we were looking for.” Little did Dan and Mary know, Oliver had been featured on the local news that morning. Luckily, the couple got to the event before anyone else could adopt him.


dog helps sign adoption papers

Gretchen, a 1-year-old American pit bull mix, was so excited for her forever home that she peered over her new dad’s shoulder as he filled out the adoption papers during National Adoption Weekend in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


family kisses dog

Katie and Bryant snuggled with Gary, a 9-week-old pit bull mix, at National Adoption Weekend in Gainesville, Florida. "He's really cute and when you pick him up, he instantly loves," Katie said, describing what drew her to him.


girl holds cat

Love can show itself in unexpected places — like in Eric the cat. Emily was at the Leaside PetSmart in Toronto with her mother to buy cat food for their other cat. It happened to be National Adoption Weekend. She met Eric and fell in love instantly.


women hug dog

Goose basked in the love of his new family after they adopted him at the PetSmart Charities Mega Pet Adoption Event in Toronto, Ontario. Once labeled as “destructive,” this giant love bug just needed some extra time and attention to become a “perfect gentleman.”


girl adopts two senior dogs

Jaylin is all smiles because she adopted not 1, but 2 senior Shi Tzu dogs during National Adoption Weekend in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hooray for senior dogs!


family adopts cat

All adoptions are special, but Bird’s adoption could be considered a bit more special because he was the 350th pet adopted at the PetSmart Charities Mega Pet Adoption Event in Toronto, Ontario — and at that point, the event was only halfway over! A total of 585 pets found forever homes at the 3-day event.  


puppy kisses boy

Regis, a volunteer and adopter at National Adoption Weekend in Chattanooga, Tennessee, got his first big, wet kiss from his new puppy Cash.


Now that 2015 is here, we’re looking forward to the many special moments to come. Did you adopt a pet? Show and tell us about your special moment


Zona Novak

No one took our picture with our Skylee ( mixed boxer Shepard brindle colored seven year old female dog) When we adopted her from Pet Smart in Parma Ohio
We Love her so much. We are heart broken . Because, we found out she has cancer and we can't afford to have her treated. She is such a sweet baby girl! She is right
at my husbands side . When he is having a rough day . My husband was diagnosed with Essential Tremor and she helps him , By laying by him and letting him pet her! She is not exactly a registered therapy dog . But, She sure gives us joy and unconditional love. I don't ever want to let her go!


My Rusty-cat came from PetSmart in Newnan, GA. I already was at "cat saturation" having rescued 5 other fur friends but when he reached out, through his cage, and patted my face with BOTH paws I knew there was room for him! When I was alone at home and had a stroke, Rusty sat beside me and patted my face while awaiting for the EMS. I have been separated from all my cats for over a year and miss them so much. I KNOW I would heal better if we could be back together. I am lucky to have a friend willing to care for them.


That's an amazing story, Melinda! We'd love for you to share it on our Pet Adoption Announcements page. 


Looking for a small Shar-Pei


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