Two Paws Up for America’s Top 10 Adoption Cities in 2014

Friday, January 9, 2015
It was a record year for adoptions in North America

girl holds black kittenIf you’ve never been to a PetSmart Charities® National Adoption Weekend, you’re missing out. Four times a year, our adoption groups rally together to find homes for as many homes as they can in one weekend. On average, we find homes for more than 15,000 pets each February, May, September and November.

Thanks to our amazing partners and store associates, PetSmart Charities has had a record-breaking year for pet adoptions. We found homes for more than 20,000 pets during our September National Adoption Weekend alone — more than we’ve ever done in one weekend before!

What’s more, nearly 70,000 pets found their forever homes during our 4 National Adoption Weekends in 2014.

National Adoption Weekends succeed across North America

According to PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend data, the top city for pet adoption this year was San Antonio, Texas, with 831 adoptions across all 4 adoption weekends. In fact, we’re opening a PetSmart Charities Everyday Adoption Center in San Antonio in January to free up local shelter space and save even more lives through adoption.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s give 2 paws up for the top 10 cities around the U.S. that adopted an extraordinary number of pets this year.

Our National Adoption Weekend data shows that the top 10 cities for pet adoption are:

  1. San Antonio, Texas (831 pets)
  2. Albuquerque, New Mexico (695 pets)
  3. Fort Worth, Texas (684 pets)
  4. Houston, Texas (677 pets)
  5. Des Moines, Iowa (619 pets)
  6. Evansville, Indiana (583 pets)
  7. Terre Haute, Indiana (570 pets)
  8. Tampa, Florida (565 pets)
  9. Chattanooga, Tennessee (551 pets)
  10. Tucson, Arizona (444 pets)

You have a part in finding forever homes, too

Adopting a pet is a rewarding way to save a pet’s life while enriching your own. That’s why PetSmart Charities is proud to contribute to 1 in 10 pet adoptions in North America.

We’re hoping to trump our fantastic year with even more adoptions in 2015. But with 8 million pets entering shelters annually, we need your help.

Want to know what you can do? Adopt a pet or donate to PetSmart Charities today. Together, we can end pet homelessness in a generation.



i would love to see pit bulls in your adoptions. As many, many rescue organizations can tell you - they are able to be rehabbed and adopted. In fact, they are some of the sweetest and most loyal dogs out there. I hope that ban you have is lifted soon!


Hi Christine, PetSmart Charities is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal welfare organization separate from PetSmart Inc. Our adoption program at PetSmart stores supports cats and dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes. If you'd like, you can search for adoptable pit bulls in your area through our website. 


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