Where to Go to Meet Pet Lovers

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

You know the important role your pet holds in your life. When you think about desirable qualities in a mate, it’s likely that “loves pets” is on your list. Maybe it’s even near the top.

If that’s true, you’re in good company. A recent survey conducted by Match found that 4 out of 5 single people are pet lovers. More than 80% of Match members said they have or like pets.

That’s a great start! So where can you go to meet all these pet people? Here are some ideas —some tried and true, some unusual, but all guaranteed to put you where the pet lovers are.

Go where the pets are

One of the best ways to meet people who share your love of pets is to volunteer at your local pet shelter or rescue group. The staff will welcome your help and you’ll spend time improving the lives of adoptable pets while they wait for their forever homes. And you’ll cross paths with pet lovers at every turn.

One volunteer option available through some organizations is working at local adoption events. Adoption organizations participate in community adoption fairs in places that have lots of foot traffic. Pet lovers stop to check out the adoptable cats and dogs, ask questions and spend time with potential pets. It’s a great opportunity to practice your conversation skills, and you’ll help pets find homes, too.

Digging the dogs’ friends

Finding dog people could be easier than you think. After all, dogs need to spend time outside, and their people go with them. Spot a dog outside, and look — a dog person is attached, or at least close by. 

The easiest place to find dogs and their parents is a dog park. It’s a fairly safe bet that anyone hanging out in a dog park likes pets. Even dog and cat lovers who don’t have pets at the moment might be there, getting their fur fix by watching dogs run and play. The fun setting can make for a more relaxed conversation.

If you have a particular type of dog, your area might have dog meetups — gatherings of dogs of specific breeds or interests, usually in a dog park or an open space, like a waterfront. Some meetups include parades or other organized fun, but generally, it’s a group playdate for dogs — and that means plenty of dog parents standing around chatting.

Walk your dog in different neighborhoods. Try sitting outside a dog-friendly café you’ve never visited before, or strolling a dog-friendly path in an area populated with other people who have dogs. You never know who you might meet.

Be creative to find cat people

Most cats are indoor pets, so it’s not as easy to know cat lovers when you see them. You’ll have to be a little more thoughtful about your methods when you’re trying to meet people who love cats, specifically.

Make a trip to the pet-supply store and visit the cat toys. Anyone who checks out that section is a cat lover. Of course, if you’re in that spot, you’re sending the signal that you’re a cat lover, too. Any encounter is off to a good start there.

Keep an eye on those huge bags of kitty litter in the store. They’re heavy and difficult to lift…and the perfect chance for you to offer a helping hand to your fellow cat lover. Missed them putting the bag in their shopping cart? Feel it out and try offering to carry the heavy litter to the car.

Develop a keen eye for catty clues. Once you start looking for them, you’ll be surprised how many people display something to indicate their love for cats. They don’t have to be wearing a shirt covered in cat faces to be a cat lover, so forget that stereotype. Keep an eye out for cat-related clues on an outfit, desk or car.

Pet shelters and other animal welfare groups are always looking for volunteers who understand cats and would be happy to spend time with the cats staying at the shelter to help them feel more comfortable. These are ideal places to make connections with like-minded people, and the cats and their caregivers will be grateful for the attention you’ll offer them.

Odds are in your favor

Most single people love pets. Don’t be shy. You have an ideal conversation starter simply because of the environment!


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