Young Couple Saves Over 50 Dogs in 2 Years

Friday, August 8, 2014
Foster parents are truly making a difference in pets’ lives

Our Everyday Heroes series highlights the work of pet lovers who are dedicated to saving lives.

For foster parents Beth Jordan and Billy Holthusen, it all started with a stray they found in 2012. That experience helped them realize the pet homelessness problem in their home of Mesa, Arizona. To date, they’ve helped more than 50 dogs find loving homes—and they’re saving more every month.




Rebekah Woodford

i am a current foster parent and a case manager for the rescue that I work with. Currently, I have a 10 year old senior dog, a 10 week old puppy, a momma cat and her four newborn babies born yesterday. Last week I took my three 8 week old kittens back to the rescue for adoption. I also took the 6 eight week old puppies that I raised from 2 weeks old. All 6 of my puppies were adopted in 48 hours because they were socialized, house broken and would sit before being fed.

I foster because I can make a difference and give an animal that's life is in jeopardy a chance at a new life! Training and working with them at a young age allows me to help that puppy or kitten find the best home for them.


Thank you for all you do to save these pets, Rebekah! 


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