Brody the Pit Bull

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I met Brody Chicago Animal Care & Control by a Rescue Group. His name prior to Brody was Fat Boy. I instantly fell in love with this big goofy dog the second he jumped into my lap. He was pulled for me from a Chicagoland Rescue group. I have had Brody for about 2 and a half years. Brody is the sweetest dog and it hurts when people judge him on the fact that he is a pit bull. So I decided to write a fun children's book about him and every book we sell we donate 50% to the rescues. Currently, we have raised over $400 in just 1 month and are looking to do some great things moving forward. We recently held a "Brody's Barksgiving" Event this past Sunday at PetSmart in Northbrook, IL. and 4 out of 5 puppies were all adopted the same day! It was such a great event. I wish Brody could be Ambassador for PetSmart! I love my dog and I think if everyone met Brody they would love pit bulls too!