Saving Albuquerque’s Community Cats

In 2011, Albuquerque's streets were overrun with stray cats.


A grant from PetSmart Charities® helped put the community on track to solve pet overpopulation.  Now, 87% of the cats in the Albuquerque Animal Welfare department's shelter find homes. 

Watch how it happened:




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In 2008, Animal Humane New Mexico applied for a PetSmart Charities grant. Little did they know that they had planted a seed for major change in Albuquerque.

Free-Roaming Cat Inspires Volunteer Work

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Aiyana Hipolito finds her life's purpose in Albuquerque's Community Cat Program
Caring volunteer ensures cat colony is sterilized, cared for and fed
Chatty cat makes impression during video shoot in county shelter
Not all cats can be neatly categorized as feral, stray or pet