Are you head over paws for your adopted pet?

girl jumps with dogThank you to everyone who shared their story as part of our “Fall into a Nicholas Sparks Love Story Contest.” We received hundreds of heartwarming stories about adopted pets and the joy they bring to our lives.

Sparks chose Karen White and her dog Smokey as the winners! Smokey is an adopted dog who saved a military family in more ways than they ever could have imagined.

Smokey’s name will appear in one of his upcoming novels.


Nicholas Sparks is a pet parent, pet adoption advocate and best-selling author of The NotebookThe Best of Me and The Longest Ride. Together, we’re celebrating the unconditional love adopted pets bring to every forever home. 





Meet Nicholas Sparks’s Furry Family


Nicholas Sparks' adopted pet lab

Boomer Sparks

Nicholas Sparks' adopted shih tzu mix

Suzie Sparks

Nicholas Sparks' adopted dog

Bo Sparks

Nicholas Sparks with his adopted dogs

Nicholas Sparks with his adopted dogs