#MeowOUT Yourself: Declare Your Cat Pride

Mayim Bialik holding adoptable kittens

Cats and cat owners get a bad rap, but in reality most people think today’s stereotypes are outdated. We think the world needs a “cattitude” check. So, we asked cat owners to declare their cat pride by taking a selfie with their cat and posting it on their favorite social media channel. Cat lovers who posted their photos using #meowOUT between June 1- July 3 were entered into our “#meowOUT Yourself Contest.”

To pick the winners, we teamed up with Mayim Bialik, a cat parent, pet adoption advocate and star of CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory,” who picked her 5 favorite selfies. These lucky winners and their adopted cats will be featured in PetSmart Charities promotional materials. 




Nicole Fredrick and Michael Scott

smiling girl with smiling cat


Chris Poole and Cole

man takes selfie with cat


Michelle Carter and Ryan

woman takes selfie with cat


Carlos Martinez and Naranjita

man takes selfie with cat


Kathleen Sibley and Muno

boy sleeps with cat


Thousands of people shared selfies with their adopted cat to help break the stereotypes. Thank you to everyone who helped prove being a cat parent, or even just a cat lover, is something to be proud of. 


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