Portland Residents Band Together to Help Homeless Pets

In 2006, Portland, Ore., was battling a pet overpopulation problem, just like every other major U.S. city. Their shelters took in more than 41,000 pets that year, 37% of whom were euthanized. Well, if you’ve ever met a Portland resident, you know that they don’t exactly enjoy being like everyone else. And they certainly weren’t going to stand for preventable pet euthanasia in their community.


Watch how 10 of Portland's key animal welfare organizations banded together to save 9 out of 10 of the pets in their shelters in 2013.


The collective impact of ASAP’s work and the Spay & Save program goes beyond the dramatic increase in pets saved. The shift has fundamentally changed how many of Portland’s shelters operate.


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Check out our infographic to see how ASAP works together to save Portland's homeless pets.


The Portland Coalitions goal

10 groups are working together to save every pet in their community
Coalition of animal welfare groups dramatically reduces number of pets in shelters