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By sharing your adoption story, you can help inspire others to adopt a pet. Every story counts, no matter where you adopted him. Simply upload your photos and enter information about your pet. We’ll automatically create a page just for your pet, which you can share on your favorite social network. Don’t forget to visit your page every few months to give us an update on how your pet is doing.

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January 22, 2018
I adopted Phoebe from Petsmart in Robinson, PA in 2010. She was extremely scared and shy and would not even come to the front of her cage for me to meet her at the... Read more
January 19, 2018
I am a huge lover of all animals! I've always rescued, picked up many strays on the side of the road. I recently had my baby Tete put down due to illness back in May and... Read more
January 16, 2018
My husband and I went in to "look only" and we were looking at another kitten when I turned around and spotted this sweet baby boy (Rebel) watching me. I'm a firm... Read more
January 6, 2018
We came to PetSmart to buy a new bed for our cat and we always stop to visit the adoption window. Our older cat had just passed a month prior and we said we weren’t... Read more
January 6, 2018
Henry was born in Missouri. He was either a stray or a victim of a natural disaster. He had been living in a shelter for quite a while when the PetSmart people found... Read more
December 30, 2017
My oldest daughter was attending a horse camp. When we asked her how camp was going, we heard very little about horses, but we heard a lot about puppies. At the end of... Read more
December 26, 2017
Cash AKA der Pol adopted Thanksgiving week 2012 severely malnourished and severely ill 9 thriving hand-fed thrived I believe due to the nature of things at the time we... Read more
December 25, 2017 legacy I did an Internet search and you are listed among the top 10 animal charities. My story is a sad one, but if you are interested in becoming... Read more
December 13, 2017
I've wished for a dog ever since I was little. On March 25, 2017, I finally met God's answer to that wish. I met Nova, then Angie, an australian shepherd mix at the... Read more
December 11, 2017
When we first got Lilly from action for animals she was shy and had servers puppy mange. we knew this was from the conditions her and her family were found in. before... Read more
December 9, 2017 cess-life
December 3, 2017
Before my husband and I were engaged, I was living in an apartment by myself. I realized I wanted a pet to take running with me and to just be a part of my life. I found... Read more
November 29, 2017
I went to Paulding County Animal Shelter in 2014 in search of a playmate for my female rescue dog, Roxie. While searching for the kennel which housed the puppy I... Read more
November 27, 2017
I received one of the best Christmas presents ever today. I got this big guy and he lit up my world. I love cats and always wanted one. Now I have a news addition to my... Read more
November 20, 2017
The day this cat came to us the temperature was well -30 below. Temperatures unfit for man or beast! Yet two abandoned cats were left in the country where they would... Read more
November 19, 2017
I rescued Abby Lynn Williams 3 years ago she is a white lab mixed with pointer I had found her in a locked kennel all the time in a known crack house drugged up all... Read more
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