Falling in love In a heartbeat

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Visiting Pet Smart with a friend we decided to visit the Pet Smart Charities. As I stood in front of the cage housing " Ralph" are eyes met & I was in love with this sweet boy. Imagine my disappointment when I saw the paper in front of his information. Adoption pending. I spoke to Lindsey & was told he was on hold until 12pm. I asked her if I could leave my phone number . Lindsay said she would call if Ralph became available. I drove home figuring it would be a done deal. Imagine my delight when Lindsey left me a voice mail to say Ralph was available. We rushed back to the store. Chelsei was only to happy to help us finalise the paper work. We changed his name to Elliot at our grandsons request. He's a shy boy he is coming out of his shell & slowly starting to like his new environment & of course his forever family .