For the Grace of God

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We had three cats, a tuxedo, a Bombay, and a Maine Coon that is ferrell and skittish. All of these cats were gifts of love, all the same age of 17 years old, but were starting to pass away and tearing at our hearts. My husband is not a cat person, but the tuxedo belonged to my oldest daughter, the Bombay to my youngest, and the Maine coon belongs to me...but in all reality all three of these cats and the two dogs slept with or near me every night and looked to me to feed or play with them. When the Bombay and the Tuxedo passed away within six months of each other, we were all lost, and my husband said, “no more cats”.
I have a VERY soft spot for animals. I even caught a parakeet in my backyard four years ago, and I still have him today.
One business trip he was on, and my daughter and I were at a PetSmart store, we went by the cat window. I would cry and she would tell me, “Dad wouldn’t mind. After all, we’re down from three cats.” I would tell her that he would tell me if I would come home with another animal he would leave...and I wasn’t going to push it...2 dogs, a cat, a bird, a fish, a horse...nope! But I kept walking back to Mama Meow Meow. She kept rubbing up against the window when I would talk to her. There was just something about her that I immediately loved about her. So, my daughter and I brought her home and told everyone that we found her on our porch. Even my father fell in love with her. When my grandson came home from school that day, he fell immediately in love with her and vice versatility. In face she is now his cat. When my husband came home we told him how she came to live with us. He has fallen in love with her and she is often on his lap for ear rubs. The only thing that has stuck is the name I gave her, Grace Kelly aka Princess Grace or Gracie. Only my daughter and I know the real truth and now y’all, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. God works in mysterious ways.