From feral to friendly Feline family member, Wee Wee

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New York
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Adoption of Flash, A feral feline turned tame.

It was a warm sunny day in August and we were introduced to a three month old orange and white American Shorthair. We were told he was found outside and needed a home. This from a woman (whose friend) who owned four felines herself that we used to visit on our daily walks because she let her pets outside, so we pet them every day. She thought of us to adapt this kitten. We held him in our arms and were smitten with our kitten.

We took him home and noticed he was not agreeable to being indoors as he ran around the home racing and panting. We decided he would be an indoor cat. We new at this point he was feral. That wasn't exactly what we were looking for, but this is what we have, and we knew we would be his hope for a good, happy, long life. So we did everything in our power to comfort him. He eventually became accustomed to his new home. We bought him everything. Like a window hammock, a kitty condo, water fountain, safe toys, ones without feathers so he would not choke on it.

We had asked our vet how to get our cat to be more responsive and affectionate and our vet said, "Human contact." He said, "keep petting him." That is exactly what we did. Showered him with affection often every morning and night. He was never a lap cat and he did not like to be held even though His Daddy would pick him up and hold him as part of the human contact program we were working under.

After a while he started to enjoy and look for our pets. Then he would come up on his recliner chair (we each had one) and stay with us. I would scratch his head and sides of his face and he loved it and he would lean his head on my hand that was rubbing him and fall asleep on my hand. I wouldn't have the heart to pull my hand away, so left it. There for as long as I could. We taught him to rub. He was becoming a unique love bug.

Because we did not have a second cat so they could amuse themselves, he had separation anxiety. He would lay his body across the sash of the door so we could not exit. For as long as we had him, we never stayed out over a weekend because he would miss us. We could not leave him.

The moment we adopted him, we bought him health insurance and found him a vet we went to his entire life. We never missed an appointment. We learned a lot through Jackson Galaxy, who had/has a show on TV called "My Cat From Hell". He gave us tips that helped us. As he aged he put on weight so had to be put on a special diet. We bought that food from the vet.

He would follow us around and patiently wait in every room we went like a dog. He followed mommy around and kept her company. After his pet parents fell asleep he would join them and snuggle up to mommy mostly and daddy sometimes.

As the years went by, we had cards made with his image and give them out at Christmas. He has been the center of our universe for nine years. Recently we lost him June 15, 2017 to a sudden terminal illness where we lost him quickly. We grieve him terribly but I will tell you, he was my daily pet therapy. We saved each other. His official name is Flash. His pet name is Wee Wee. He was a unique, loving, special pet. I would not change a thing except maybe I would have tried to get him a playmate to keep him company and occupied.

We had him nine years and devoted our lives to him. When you adopt a pet you must love them and care for them as you would yourself. They are that special and are gifts. As well as you treat them they will treat you!